Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Tackling the Pictures

Okay...I got a vivid mental picture there. Seeing myself rolling around on the floor with the picture frames, trying to win the tickle war. Either that is comical or downright scarry. (I am leaning towards the scarry but you can make your own judgements)

For Tackle It Tuesday this week, I decided to go with something a little bit easier and less time consuming. I have so much on my "to-do" list today that I needed something quick. Now what I did today is something that I really have been procrastinating on for the longest time. Why I do this kind of thing is beyond me. Its not like I need to go to the Dentist and have him pull five teeth out all at once or something. These things are pretty much simple things. (okay...the next couple of weeks they won't be so simple...but still...today's was very simple)

Last year (not the past year...but the year before) our friends came to visit from England. They brought us a picture as our Christmas gift that year. This picture is a very special picture since it is a painting of the village we used to live next to. Ely. We actually lived in a small village called Prickwillow that was about a 5 minute drive from Ely. (which was probably considered more of a city than a village) In this picture you can see the Ely cathedral (which is what classifies it as a city...cathedrals add clout, if you know what I mean)

Anyways, this picture didn't have a picture hanger on it. Now it has sat behind my couch or recliner for the past year. Waiting for me to get around to installing a hanger and hanging it on the wall. I told you I make things harder than they really are.

So, today, I got out the picture from its residence...

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I got out the neccessary supplies and proceeded with the hammering in of the sawtooth thingie onto the back of the frame. Well, it then became apparant (pretty quickly, mind you) that the frames constitution was not made up of wood, but rather a hard plastic material that a sawtooth nail would not penetrate without shattering the entire frame.

So...what to do? What to do...

Hammer teeny nails into the actual backing of the picture and tie some yarn to it, that's what I'll do. (I do believe I am the queen of "jimmy-rigging". If not then I may be a redneck and I doubt I am one of those. I think I'll choose the queen option, thanks anyways.) It didn't turn out sooo terribly bad.

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Granted, it isn't very professional...nor would I brag about it, but it gets the job done. (until I can buy a wooden frame that can take a sawtooth picture hanger)

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And since I already had the hammer and nails out, I might as well hang some more pictures that have been lying on the floor. (up against the bookshelf...not flat on the floor. I knew you were thinking it!!!) Now these aren't your normal pictures. I have to admit that this is the first time in about 4 houses that they have even gotten hung on the wall. Usually they get packed away in the attic (or garage) or they get left on the floor. (again...not flat!) Well, it only took me about 5 minutes tops to get them hung. Only took me 4 years to get around to spending that precious five minuntes on them.

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As you can see...they don't really match the decor of the rest of the house so they have been banished to the "dungeon" (the basement where James resides on his computer) They are his "going away" plaques he has recieved from 3 of our 6 bases. I don't know where the other ones are...probably in a box somewhere.

Anyways, it felt good to tackle this. One more thing off my list. I am almost looking forward to next Tuesday to get something else done. I am leaning towards priming the bathroom wall...or cleaning my heirloom trunk so I can line it and use it for doily and linen storage. (for when I finish my tablecloth. I will need somewhere "neat" to store such a fine masterpiece.)

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening Everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

It's great you could get that tackle crossed off of your list. It's funny how long it can take to get to the "simple things." :)