Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Foods I Craved While Cleansing

Food was on my mind continually for the past week and a half. I don't think a moment went by when I wasn't thinking about food. (and possibly salivating...but that is neither here nor there.) Anyways, in light of all these thoughts of food I've had the past two weeks, I decided to post the top 13 foods that I dreamt about tasting.

1) Crab ~ Regular or stuffed, didn't matter. I dreamed about this one most. (hence the Red Lobster dinner I am about to enjoy tonight.)

2) Shrimp ~ Kind of goes hand in hand with the crab. If I dreamt about crab...shrimp was not too far behind in that dream.

3) Oatmeal ~ Since this is what I fed Chloe every morning, it was pretty tempting. In addition to feeding Chloe every morning, I also recieved an email this week stating the top 10 food items to help you sleep better. (the nerve of the person sending me that while I was cleansing. But it came from a yahoo group so I forgive them. They didn't know me) Anyways, oatmeal was on that list.

4) Bananas ~ Weird, huh? We do happen to eat bananas like they are going out of style. They are a staple around our house and since Chloe is half monkey and cannot survive without bananas, they could not be done away with for a week and a half. You have no idea how many times I reached for one without even thinking about it. It was sheer habit, I tell ya...sheer habit.

5) Peanut butter and jelly (or honey) ~ pretty self-eplainatory there. This is one of my utmost favorites.

6) Chocolate cake ~ need I say more?

7) Tea ~ I have a cup of tea every afternoon as soon as Chloe takes a nap and every evening after dinner. I might have one or two more thoughout the day but you can count on at least those first two.

8) Coffee ~ I missed this quite a bit since I have a cup every morning as soon as I wake up with my devotions. I find it extremely hard to get up that early without the coffee. Its more for the smell and habit of it then it is an addiction I think...but I just need something warm and coffee-like. (not much else out there like coffee I'll stick with it for now.)

9) Chocolate frosting ~ see number 6 above. Can't have chocolate cake without the frosting...and sometimes I have the frosting without the cake. Very yummy!

10) Salad ~ yes...there were times when, even I, craved a salad. Those were the days when I was not eating ANYTHING. (I could care less about the salad on the days when a salad was my only meal. Those days were the cake craving days.)

11) Fettucinne Alfredo ~ don't know how this one popped into my head but now we are having it for dinner tomorrow night when some friends come over.

12) Bread ~ homemade to be exact. I love my homemade bread.

13) Steak ~ There were times when I could almost feel my teeth sinking into a nice juicy steak. Ribeyes are my normal choice but sometimes I can go for a Porterhouse. This later was the one I dreamed of most.

So, there you have it. A very weird list, but as you was subject to my raging stomach and tastebuds. (which can be very demanding and very VERY particular)

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Lady_MSnow said...

All of the things you craved sound so wonderful to me too!