Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Thoughts About Coffee

I love to have my cup of coffe in the morning. It is part of my mean routine. (I don't practice rituals...those are for weirdos) Anyways, while drinking my cup of coffee this morning, I had some random thoughts pass through my head in relation to coffee and I thought I would share those with you.

1) Milk and Sugar work wonders to mask the taste of coffee. (since I find the actual coffee taste to be rather disgusting)

2) Flavored coffee also helps in that regard

3) Flavored creamer (preferably French Vanilla) is a lovely addition to the taste-masking process.

4) If you add some hot chocolate mix, you have a makeshift "mocha"

5) I laud the man (or woman) who invented chocolate covered coffee beans. (now that is a worthy invention. What they did before that is inconceivable)

6) If drinking alcohol at 1:30 in the afternoon makes you an alcoholic, does drinking coffee at 1:30 in the afternoon make you a coffeeholic?

7) Starbucks really helped the world become more aware of the delight that is coffee

8) Sometimes people give coffee names. Joe is a popular one. These people must have no friends. (So, I call mine "Its Royal Browness"...or Browness for short)

9) I don't think Chloe has ever tasted coffee. I think if she did, she would spit it out. (all over I don't try)

10) Its not fun to drink coffee that is too hot. Unless, of course, you no longer wish to taste the which case, burn away baby...burn away.

11) The one downside to when I do get pregnant will be that I must give up my morning cup of "Browness".

12) I wonder...if you drink coffee every day of a pregnancy will the baby come out addicted to it? (kind of like druggie babies come out addicted to drugs already)

13) My father always said that drinking coffee will put hair on your chest. I don't have any on my chest (thank goodness) and James has some (not alot...just a tad) and he won't touch coffee. Hmmm...curious. Maybe daddy got it backwards. (drink up girls. Keep that hair off the chest)

So, I already had my morning cup of Browness...I wonder what would happen if I had TWO cups. (would I get shaky and jittery?) Writing about coffee has given me a sudden desire for just one more cup. But I am NOT addicted, I swear. I just needed something to write about. (please believe me)

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