Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Thoughts About Forts While Building A Fort

I have come down with something. It has knocked me out for the past few days. No...its not another cold...or even the flu. No. It is worse than that. Much worse. For some reason, I have managed to catch a bad case of the blues. The winter blues to be precise. I don't know what has hit me...but I just can't bring myself to crochet much of anything this week. I don't feel like it....let alone DESIGN anything. That is definately out.

My fingers won't work. They simply will not work. It doesn't help that I am on a Barbie clothes kick right now. Yes...all I can think about is Barbie clothes. My book finally came on Monday. And in the course of one week, I managed to get one outfit done. ONE people...just one. Yikes!!! What is wrong with me??? I think I need some chocolate or something...maybe a cup of coffee...or even tea. But where can I get the REAL English tea in America??? Alas, I can't. I am stuck with "American" tea. It will have to do.

So, what does one do when they don't want to do anything? Aside from sitting and staring at the wall (and counting the bumps in the paint...but who does that???) Here are 13 "steps", you might say, to building a fort. (or facts about forts that I thought of while building the fort, or things I thought of to do in the fort while buidling the fort)

1. Well, you can order your daughter a gorgeous doll house for her birthday...and get it delivered right smack dab in the middle of your "winter blues". This will help your mind open up to the possiblities. (just read and you will soon understand why this step was included.)

2. Once the box is unpacked and the dollhouse is whisked away to hide in the closet for a month, the giant cardboard packing box makes a nice playground for the kid. (or a giant cradle for a baby doll)

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3. When the "winter blues" start to get pretty bad and you begin wandering aimlessly around this house...this is the best time to think about building a fort.

4. A fort can start out to be pretty small. Take the cardboard box, for instance, pretty good little fort. Ahhh...but it can be better.

5. Grab a few blankets and attach them somehow to the couch and the coffee table. (having one of those coffee tables that lift up and down really helps in this situation as it holds the blankets in place pretty well.)

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6. If you must, heavy objects can be placed in strategic places to hold the blankets down.

7. Be careful though...giant glass candle holders filled with potpourri (as seen in the photo above) are probably NOT the best "heavy object" to use. While they may be heavy, toddlers are pretty strong. Sometimes much stronger than mothers give them credit for (hmmm...I bet you can imagine the catastrophe this will bring...think "filled with potpourri".'ve got the picture now!!)

8. Crawling on your belly may not be dignified at church or in the supermarket, but it sure is fun in your own living room...and it is sure to bring giggles galore from the kids. (and it really is fun...did I mention that already??? Be careful that while doing this "military style" crawl that your pants don't come off though. While it is sure to bring giggles, you probably wouldn't like the kind of giggles it brings. Stick with the other kind of giggles.)

9. And if you think your "fort" is not big can always add more blankets and chairs, until you run out of one or the other or...even worse...both. (I think its time for Mommy to crochet up some more afghans, what do you think? I wonder how many afghans it would take to cover the living room - maybe I should think about getting more chairs, or...better yet... crocheting bigger afghans)

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10. A great thing to do when you have completed your fort is to have a picnic lunch somewhere inside. Peanut butter and honeys are always good.

11. Word of caution...make sure the juice is in a sippy cup that does NOT leak. (very important) Also, it would be a good idea to bring some wetnaps along on your picnic in the fort...might come in handy when little peanut butter fingers decides to crawl back out of the fort...touching every inch of blanket along the way.)

12. Make it a family affair and invite the husband and the cat along. (although the cat will probably leave as quickly as she came when she spots the execrable...opps...I mean, delightful toddler inside, and the husband might not fit down the "hallway". Its worth a try though - and it makes mommy laugh)

13. And my last thought I had, while sitting in our fort eating my peanut butter and honey sanwich with my daughter and sipping my Kiwi/Strawberry Juicy Juice from my coffee thermos, brought tears to my eyes. What if this is Chloe's first memory? What if this is the very first thing she remembers about me...about her childhood? Oh...that is my dream. That Chloe's first memory of her life is something like this. Her mother sitting with her doing something spectacularly fun. (okay...maybe you don't think fort building is spectacularly fun...but we do. We had a blast.)

And maybe it doesn't have to be fort building. Maybe it can be walking the Thingly Unster around the kitchen...or building a stroller from playdoh...or taking Barbie for a swim in the tupperware bowls. But this is what I want my daughter to remember. Things like this.

Well, I am off to rock my baby girl and kiss her goodnight. Have fun with your children tonight. They grow up way to fast and you can NEVER get it back. Enjoy those little moments you have when your child grabs your face in their hands and stares into your eyes before planting a kiss on your lips. Maybe this will be one of their cherished memories of you. I only pray it will be for Chloe. Peanut butter and all.

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KnicKnac said...

Oh wow Anna, that whole post brought tears. I did the same thing with my daughter with boxes and pillows (we had TONS of square pillows) - thank you for sharing that with us. And I am sorry your feeling the blues, I hope you come out of it quickly.

Lady_MSnow said...

WE have actually been building houses (forts) for the past few days. Problem is...the children never leave it alone, so it never stays up long. Maybe we will have to have a picnic inside and this will help it last longer. ;)

Anna said...

Yes...keeping the fort in tact is a major issue. Little Chloe kept wanting to stand up in the "hallway" and eventually the "ceiling" collasped. Oh well, we had fun anyways. :)

anne marie said...

Your house looked like mine did when they were little. All that is missing is the books that made paths through out the house. They sure loved doing that .Chloe will remember this.

Anne Marie