Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Management Binder: Cleaning - Zones

I got the majority of my "zone" ideas from flylady. If you have never checked out her website, you should. She has many wonderful resources for keeping routine and order in your homes.

Anyways, I told you what my zones were last week so this week I will go into a little more detail about each zone and what I do in them.

ZONE 1 ~ Master Bedroom/Main Bathroom

Master Bedroom
1. clean cobwebs - I take a broom to the corners of the walls and in the nooks and crannies in the ceiling.
2. Wash windows - pretty self-explanatory
3. Clean blinds - I actually take mine down and wash them in the shower where I let them dry as well.
4. Wipe down walls - another no brainer here
5. Wipe baseboards
6. De-clutter closets and dressers - I am always amazed at how much "junk" I have and am willing to get rid of. Things I thought I couldn't part with last month become history this month. It really is amazing how easy and "routine" this becomes.
7. Straighten drawers - this is so much easier if there isn't clutter there.
8. Wipe out closets - I take everything off the shelves and wipe them down.
9. Flip mattress - okay...so this is one that I don't do every month. In fact, I think I have done it twice in the past 5 years. But it really should be done.
10. Polish furniture - this is more than just dusting it. I get out the Old English and make my furniture shine. I love the smell too. Nothing says "clean" like Old English.
11. Clean under bed - does anyone actually do this?? Well, I do. I move my bed and vacuum under it.
12. Steam clean carpets - Again, while the bed is moved, I steam clean under them. I love my Bissell steam cleaner. (told you I have a floor fetish)

Main Bathroom
1. Clean cobwebs - see above (its the same)
2. Wipe down walls and baseboards - this one gets mentioned in every room.
3. Clean window - again...gets mentioned in every room
4. Clean blinds - is there a broken record around here???
5. De-clutter - the bathroom is a very good place for empty shampoo bottles and toilet paper tubes to collect.
6. Straighten drawers/medicine cabinent - this is also where I wash out the toothpaste grim from the glass shelves in the cabinent.
7. Clean light fixture - its amazing how much dust that thing collects in one month
8. Scrub floor - on my hands and knees, mind you. Nothing says clean like a "hands and knees" job.

So, this is what a detailed zone cleaning looks like in my notebook. I set the timer for 15 minutes and I go at it as fast as possible. It doesn't matter if its not perfect...as long as I get it done. The timer is my best friend too. As soon as it goes off, I am free. I love it.

I am not going into each room. That would take me all day to type and I really don't want to bore you to death. You get the idea from the list above. You just change it to each room you have. Like the kitchen you would empty the fridge and clean it out, the microwave, wash out the garbage cans, pet bowls and such.

Have a wonderful day everyone. You can do anything in 15 minutes!!!

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Lady_MSnow said...

You definately have your binder together! I need to get mine in order now that we are all getting more in a "schedule."