Wednesday, March 07, 2007

That's Not Fair!!!!

And after having yelled those words the swift reply was always "Life isn't fair". Come on now...whoever invented that saying was a cruel cruel person. Why can't life be fair? I don't understand.

Do you not realize what is happening to me? The world is playing a cruel joke on me...or something like that. See what they sent me in the mail yesterday???

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Do you know what this is??? This is yarn that I CANNOT buy!!!!! Waaaaaaahhhh haaaahaaaa!!! Booo Hoooo. I just wanna cry. Why would they put a sale like this on while I am trying to stashbust??? This is the most horrible thing they could have ever done. ALL yarn is on sale. ALL OF IT!!! And unless I want negative points this week (which I don't) I will not even be able to step foot inside AC Moore this week. (which is a bummer because I really need to pick up something for my SP.) How on earth can I step foot in AC Moore and not buy this yarn? I simply cannot.

And if that weren't bad enough...check this out...

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Now THAT is really not fair. Both of those balls equal one measly little point each. Okay...just in case you don't see the grotesque difference in size I will clarify. The giant pink ball is a tad bit larger than a soft ball. Okay...maybe like 2 softballs??? And that teeny tiny green ball is slightly smaller than a ping pong ball. Get it now??? See how unfair life is being to me?? So, one ball took me about 3 minutes to use up and the other took me about an hour and still...they both equaled one point each simply because they were used. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! The anguish. The torture.

To make myself feel better I keep pulling out my book and drooling over my coat and the despair of it all seems to wane. It doesn't just recedes for a few moments until some other tragedy befalls my stashbusting endeavors.

Can you tell that I've been reading "Rilla of Ingelside" tonight??? Really? What gave it away? The use of poetic words? Ya...that always happens when I read Anne of Green Gables. I get lost in a world of romantic words. Okay. But now I really must go and work on my stashbusting scrapghan. I am getting close to being done. I would say I am within 2 hours of finishing this thing. HOORAYYYYY!!!! I can't wait to show you all!


KnicKnac said...

Oh Anna!!! I cannot WAIT to see your stashbusting afghan!

I hear you about the unfair balls being one point, I actually felt GUILTY when I was using the little teenie tiny ones thinking they didn't deserve to be one point! LOL

I just love your blog, did I mention that?

sissie said...

I just love anna of green gables also!
can't wait to see your afghan.

I am sworn off of buying also till my stash is all used up!! so that just wasn't fair of A.C. moore to do that!!

did I miss something about points?