Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Feeling Flouncy!

I like that word. FLOUNCE. Isn't that a delightful word? I have been daydreaming of "flounce" like things for the past 2 hours. Here is what a REAL flounce looks like...

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I am getting along quite nicely so far on this dress. (minus the whole tension problem which I have yet to solve. A commenter shared an idea about the bobbin tension that I am about to go try...I'll let you know how that turns out.) Anyways, while making and hemming my flounce, I got lost in a world of daydreams. Sometimes words will do that to me. Send me off into a "what could be" sort of place.

I would love to be "flouncy", you see. To me it encompasses both the essence of all that is feminine along with a hint of something coquettish. A romantic lady with an added bit of flair in her personality.

Then I think of a cat. I don't know why...but flounce just reminds me of a cat. Maybe because it rhymes with pounce and cats do indeed pounce. Or also there is a cat treat named Pounce. Or maybe cats have a "flouncy" personality. Quite possibly so.

Sometimes little girls are flouncy. Like..."Oh you flouncy little girl, you." Kind of like my English friends say to Chloe. "Oh you cheeky little girl, you." Or they say, "You're a cheeky little girl, aren't you?". You could, in turn, say, "Oh your a flouncy little girl, aren't you?" Of course this would have to be said in a British accent or else the piquancy would be lost entirely.

Then I I sometimes do...wouldn't it be interesting to look up the definition of the word "flounce" to see what it truly means. Okay...I just made one. I know that. But I wonder if there are any other meanings. More romantic or exhilerating meanings. Imaginative ones that spark my interest.

–verb (used without object)
1. to go with impatient or impetuous, exaggerated movements
2. to throw the body about spasmodically; flounder.

3. an act or instance of flouncing; a flouncing movement.

1. storm, bound, prance, bounce.

Hmmmm...very intersting. While not quite the romantic definitions I would have hoped for, I find it quite interesting to note that no where in any of these definitions is there anything about sewing or sewing terms. But I find it fascinating that the word "bounce" is a synonym. Not only does it rhyme with flounce and pounce but it sort of means the same thing as "pounce" doesn't it? Flounce may be a more cat-like word than I originally thought.

Now I must be off to attach my flounce to the dress. Have a wonderful evening everyone. And girls!!! Don't forget to add a bit of flounce to your marriage. (my own definition of flounce...not Webster's. His is too boring.)

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Lady_MSnow said...

I definitely like your definition of flounce better!