Monday, April 23, 2007

A Garden to Call My Own

The house we bought last October came without one single flower or plant unless you consider grass and dandylions "plants and flowers". While this saddened me for a while, it also gave me a whole lot of room for dreaming during this long and drawn out winter. (have I mentioned yet that we had SNOW on Easter??? Yes we did!! YUCK! Just when I was ready for spring we had snow!!!)

Well, now we have such glorious weather again that my hopes are soaring. My spirits are in the clouds as I dream and plan and dream some more. This weekend was spent building the shed.

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I worked alongside my husband the whole weekend and got a nice little sunburn that will be a tan by tomorrow. (yay!) Sunday evening I decided to head up the street the garden center and see about some flowers. Ohhhhh Boy!!! Did I get flowers!!! Check this out!

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There are dusty millers, carnations, roses, a clematis, daisies, begonias, snapdragons, rhodonderans and more. (can't think properly at the moment)

I can't wait to get these things in the ground. My original intentions for venturing to the great "garden lovers paradise" was to buy a few little flowers for my giant pots to sit alongside my front walkway. But when do I EVER do as I intend to do??? Quite rarely, I must say. So I came home with quite a few flowers and not enough garden space. What would any normal person do??? Find a garden space to put them in. That is precisly what I did.

First, I chose my location.

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See the strip of grass between the sidewalk and fence??? That is going to be my extremely LONG garden. Then, I proceeded to digging...

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...and enlisting the help of my toddler. (as you can see from the picture above.) She enjoyed it. Really she did!!! See???

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That is her smiling. Of course, the instant she saw the camera she dropped the shovel and wouldn't "pose" anymore. Oh well...she's two. What can I say?

We (I mean "I") dug for about 2 hours and then called it quits. The heat finally got to me...(I dislike being sweaty VERY much and I was sweating profusely.) I got more than half of the garden dug though.

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I hope to finish it tomorrow. I was planning on finishing it tonight once the air cooled off a bit but I am soooo dog gone tired. Digging grass like that breaks your back. So, tonight I will be cutting a dress so I can sew it for Chloe. I am excited about it. My first time using my new sewing machine. We have a Ladies Spring Banquet on Saturday for our church and I thought it would be fun if Chloe and I matched. I bought enough fabric (I hope) to make myself a matching skirt. Its going to be so cute. (IF I can get it done in time...we shall see about that.)

I leave you with a picture of "Bear" getting a bath. (pronounced Baaao. She was giving bear a baaao.)

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Lea said...

Oh Anna.... I hate to sweat too..PLUS... my mum always reminded me that women don't sweat " they glisten".....There are days in my herb garden I really really glisten!!!!

Christine said...

It looks lovely; Chloe looks like she is having a blast! Blessings!

Lady_MSnow said...

I too would love flowers. I envision roses, roses, and more roses...I want climbing roses all along my fence. I think it would be beautiful. But since we rent...and we don't have the's just a dream.