Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Gave Birth to an Elephant Egg!!!

YES I DID!!! See??? We are having a Magic Ball Swap over on my pattern testing forum and this is what I birthed.

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Or at least its the size of an elephant egg. I cannot tell you what is inside this giant ball of yarn, for that is for my swap partner angeleyes70 and angeleyes70 alone. But let me tell you...I found myself to be evil. Very evil indeed. While winding this ball I cackled and cackled to myself...just knowing that my poor dear swap parnter would have to unwind this thing all over again. Ahhhh...the sheer bliss of ny imagination. I can almost hear her now! The shouts and grunts of frustration as she sees what is coming next. Oh, if you think winding these things is hard...just imagine what UNWINDING one would be like. Ha ha ha. I will be laughing for the rest of the day now.

So, it took me about 3 hours to wind. Wind and insert, insert and wind...wind some more. Ha ha ha...I am still laughing though because you see...I believe it will take her at least double the amount of time to unwind this thing as it took me to wind it!!!

And it is quite possible that I used this "swap" as a stashbusting attempt. This you will not know for sure though because all is hidden within the Elephant Egg. Ohhh...the irony. Ohhh...the evilness. You never knew I had it in me, did you? Sweet little stay-at-home mom designing sweet little baby dresses and bonnets. Little ribbons and lace and such. But oh yah! I can be evil too. Uh-Huh!

Maybe I should include some chocolate when I ship this so angeleyes70 will forgive me.

(P.S. I KNOW elephants don't lay eggs. I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid!!!!)


Lady_MSnow said...

I can't wait for her to "unveil" what you have wrapped up for her! ;)

Crochetingangel said...

Now you have just had me laughing so hard you brought a good tear to my eye, reading this post of yours and just imagining what you are doing to me, LOL And to think you actually had me thinking and wondering "do elephant's lay eggs?"

But I'm sure it will keep me quite busy with plenty of wonderful surprises and can't wait :)