Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Interpreting Greek

Last night I started reading the pattern so I could begin Chloe's new dress. I must be honest with you. While I have very little sewing experience, I CAN sew. My mother did teach me a few of the basics while I was a girl. As a teenager I even made myself a dress. I doubt I wore it in public, but still...I was quite proud that I made it. (silly me chose a plaid fabric which lent to my frustrations and caused the dress to not meet my strict standards of clothing attire) I have also made a few doll clothes for neices and such. And a few years ago I made quite a complex quilt top. (which now needs to be quilted and is on my WIP list for the year. I DO aim to finish it this year. (just not right now)

Anyways, I bought this pattern yesterday...

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...to make one of those dresses for Chloe for the Spring Banquet at church. I am not going to tell you which one because that will be revealed in my "unveiling".

Well, last night I was in a confuzzled mess. I was taught how to read a pattern but somehow the years have erased this information from my memory. I recalled such words as "selvage" and "Lining" but for the life of me, I could not bring to recollection what "tailor tacks" were nor what I was meant to use them for. What does any person do in this situation??? Well that's what I did. I called my mother. Do you know what she tells me?? Do you? Do you??? First, let me say that my mother took a correspondance seamstress class many MANY years ago. (I think she was first married or something like that...a LONG time ago.) So basically, my mother knows her stuff. She also knows what she is talking about too...so if anyone should be able to explain this "greek" to me, she would be the one.

WRONG!!! She had no clue what a "tailor tack" was. UGGG!! How am I supposed to sew this dress with tailor tacks if I don't know what it is??? Well, after reading the "greek" pattern for about 30 minutes (okay...not that long...but long enough to send my brain for a complete whirl)it dawned on me what it was and I continued on with my process.

I got all the pieces for the dress layed out and pinned to my fabric.

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I honestly and freely admit to you all that the scariest part of sewing is making that first cut. A million fears instantly raced through my already confuzzled mind. What if I didn't get it lined up properly? What if the scissors slip and cut the pattern to shreds? What if I layed the pattern out wrong and I don't have enough fabric (as if I bought the last stitch of fabric in the world and it is now impossible to find any more). But these are the kinds of thoughts I think about when about to cut beautiful, rosey-pink fabric.

But I did it. I got it cut and now I must learn Norwegian to accompany my newly mastered Greek skills.

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Man. This is making me wish I had taken Home Ec instead of Band in highschool.

Today I am headed over to the Pastor's house to make candy purses with the Pastor's wife for the Ladies Spring Banquet. Bummer! (not bummer about going to her house. That will be fun! I love going over there.) Its just that I don't get to sew this morning. Oh well...maybe I will get to it this afternoon. I also have hopes of finishing the garden digging tonight after dinner. It is supposed to rain tomorrow (quite possibly tonight too) so I would like to have the flowers in the ground before that happens. Needless to say, it will be a busy day and I must leave you now. I see someone has gotten thier hands into the "snack" drawer and little fingers have found my stash of Starbursts. I must go rescue my starbursts. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


busyHSmom said...

Well, I'm not your mother. Nor do I have her wisdom or experience, but I have been sewing for 20 years now...some of it rather complicated stuff, and I have NEVER come across the term "tailor's tack!"

So, of course, I had to go look it up on the internet. There is a nice tutorial with pictures on page 2 in this document here: http://www.hiplinemedia.com/files/Pajama_Marking_Fabric.pdf
And another one here: http://museums.ncl.ac.uk/Reticulum/quizes/printables/barbieclothes.htm

Anna said...

Thank you. I will go check those out. The pattern did have instructions on how to make the tailor tack but nowhere did it tell me what it was for now where to make them. I finally figured it out though. Thank you for the links. Maybe it will help me out today as I get ready to sew this thing.

Lady_MSnow said...

I actually had 7 FCS (Home ec) classes in high school and I have a degree to be an Family and Consumer Science Teacher...so...you know you could have just asked me. =)

Christa said...

Hey ANNA! Long time no talk! I'm glad to see you guys are doing well and Chloe is growing up so beautifully! I have a blog too! Check it out if you'd like!

Lea said...

LOL Knic Knac and I just had a whole post on that at the Ville... We are both going to get the Sewing for Dummies book... I tried reading a pattern a couple of weeks ago and almost was in tears! I can't wait to see the dress!

Brandie said...

Good luck making the dress. I have found the readers digest book of sewing to be quite helpful. I can look up pretty much anything! I haven't done a tailor's tack before ...
Enjoy making it and can't wait to see the reveal picture!

Anna said...

Now I know dear...now I know. Believe me...I will probably be asking you a few questions before I am finished with this thing. LOL.