Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just a Matter of Tension

With crocheting I must say I do fairly well with the whole tension aspect. I am able to adjust my tension to be either a bit tight or fairly loose depending on what I am crocheting. I can use the same hook and get varied results just by adjusting my tension. I don't know how common something like this is, but I like to consider it sort of a skill that is mastered. ( my knowledge...I have always been able to do this.)

Now with sewing...its a different matter altogether. As some of you know, I got a new Bernina sewing machine for Christmas from my dear and loving husband. My old sewing machine was the Singer that belonged to my mother while I was growing up and learning to sew. Well, little Miss Singer decided to quit on me so I recieved this wonderful new Bernina. I have read the manual to my new Bernina and I am pretty sure I understand everything there is to know about it...but for some reason, this tension thing is causing problems. I spent many hours last night fiddling with the thing while trying to sew on Chloe's dress. I just can't get it. I am at my wits end with it.

We are having our new windows installed today or else I would head on over to the store I bought it from to have them take a look at it for me and possibly show me what I am doing wrong. But...I don't have time today nor tomorrow to do this so I am working on the dress with poor tension. (because the dress MUST be done by Saturday for the Spring Banquet. We couldn't possibly wear the same dress we've worn before to a "Spring Banquet" now could we???)

Even still, the dress is coming along quite nicely. I am loving my color choice. I have gotten the Bodice done and am now ready to begin working on the skirt. That should be alot easier than this bodice was. Boy! I was working right along and things just kept stumping me. I would have to read and reread and read the pattern again just to understand what it wanted me to do. Finally, I thought to myself..."this pattern is NOT easy!!!!" I grabbed the pattern case thingie and realized that no where on the pattern did it say "easy". I shook my head at myself.

You see...I had only been looking at the patterns in the pattern book at the store that claimed they were easy. But the minute I saw this dress, I knew I HAD to make it. (you all know me by now...*rolling eyes*) I didn't even check to make sure it claimed "easy". Boy...that was a mistake.

I am trucking right along though and quite proud of myself despite the difficultness of this particular pattern and the loose and rough stitching (the tension problem). If it weren't for the stitches looking like dog do-do this dress would actually be quite good for my first attempt. (although I did make a dress in highschool but that doesn't count since it was like 15 years ago...and my mother helped me do it)

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So, now I am sipping the most delightful cup of PG Tips tea in the world and waiting for this tired child to fall asleep so I can start on the skirt of the dress. I don't know how I expect her to fall asleep in the basement with them banging around upstairs, talking loud, and trumping up and down the stairs a billion times. I best go comfort her since she is crying at the moment. (there was quite a large "trump" up the stairs a few minutes ago that must have sounded like a herd of elephants to her...pretty scary.)

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!!!


Lady_MSnow said...

Try rewinding your bobbin and/or rethreading your machine. sometimes...that's the only problem. I have had that happen to me before.

CrafyShannon said...

If you've had problems with the tension from the very beginning, it may be the machine, not anything you did. If so, they should give you a new machine.

I don't know if your machine is manual or computerized or how the bobbin fits in the machine. My machine is computerized. I had to adjust the lower tension by turning a little screw on the bobbin holder thing. Turn it right to tighten, left to loosen.

Anna said...

Thank you Craftyshannon. I do know that the bobbin thread feels like it is coming through too quickly. That may be what my problem is. I have tried every single setting possible. I will try this and let you know how it goes.

CraftyShannon said...

Anna, I forgot to add, just turn the screw a very little bit at a time. I use one of those screwdrivers in eye glass repair kits for mine. It doesn't take much of a turn to change the tension. Turn a bit, do a test drive, and change if needed.

When you get it set like you want it, make a little mark on the bobboin case with some nail polish or a thin line permanant pen. That way, if you have to change the bobbin for something else, it will be easy to find your correct tension again.