Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Management Binder: Children

I was remiss in my blog posting last week and failed to show you the next section in my binder. Today is Tuesday so I am late again. (as usual) But hey! Better late than never, right? So, today I will show you my Children's Section of my management binder.

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Of course, I HAD to have a picture of Chloe on this tab. My bundle of joy and sunshine. I also could not limit myself to one verse here so I wrote two that I really like. Here they are...

Psalms 127:3
"Children are God's best gift."

I love that verse. I truly believe they are God's best gift. My life changed so much after Chloe. She has taught me patience, responsibility, how to laugh and have fun amongst other important lessons too. I never would have thought that having children could bring so much laughter, but it does. I laugh more now that all the rest of my life put together.

The next verse brings me back to the task at hand and reminds me that raising children is hard work.

Proverbs 22:6
"Train up a child in the way he should go and when hs is old, he will not depart from it."

Training children really is hard work. When Chloe was a month old, I thought my biggest challenges of motherhood were teaching her to fall aleep by herself and clipping her fingernails. Oh...if only all of parenting were that easy. Now our struggles are with the threatening bathtub and the fact that the cat simply does NOT need food. I also know that compared to what challenges we face in the future, these little toddler canniptions are minuscule.

So, in this section I have some print outs of rules I found a while ago during some blog-surfing. I find it helpful to read through these every now and again to remind me my focus is not "tea parties" and "fancy dresses" but on raising up a child who takes to heart God's truths and gives her life over to the control of her Saviour. I spend many hours praying about this. It is the noblest calling of a woman. (of parents)

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Next in this section is my list of things I need to teach Chloe. After reading the list this morning I see I need to update it. There are many things on this list that we have already worked on pretty well. I write such things as "make bed" and "tantrums are a no-no" and this reminds me to stay focused on the task at hand. Whenever I see an attitude or issue with Chloe that needs adjusted, I write it on this list. Also, when I think of a new "chore" she should be capable of carrying out, I add it to this list. It is amazing what a 2 year old is capable of doing around the house. We just need to take the time out to teach them.

Next is my "Family Fun Time" list. Every evening after dinner is finshed and the kitchen is cleaned up we have family fun time. We are oftentimes at a loss for ideas of what to do together. This list comes in very handy during those times of un-imagination. Here is what I have on that list so far. (I see that there are many things I can add to it. This notebook really could use an update)

~Play Jenga
~Read a book
~Put puzzles together
~Play music (piano or such)
~Play hide and seek (a family favorite resulting in tickles and giggles)
~Puppet Shows
~Play ball
~Make cookies
~Make cards
~Tea party

The next list in my binder doesn't really pertain to the "childrenn" theme. It is my list of "Fun Things to do with James". Come date night it is really hard to think of things to do together. We rack our brains and usually end up watching a movie. (how boring) So, now we have a list we refer to. A very handy thing. Here are some of the items on our list.

~Play frisbee
~Play football
~Go for walk
~Go for bike ride
~cook a meal together
~learn ballroom dancing
~visit Barnes and Nobles (to read and sip coffee)
~play a game
~make cards for the family
~learn a song together (guitar and piano)
~go on a back-pack picnic
~put a model car together

Those are just some of the things on our list. (some things would probably make you all blush a little so I will save you that and not include them.) I also have a list of some "BIG" trips we would like to take during our lifetime. I don't know when or how these will happen but they are written down and maybe we can save up for one or two of them. Here are a couple just to give you an idea.

~England (to visit our friends there. Actually, I would rather just move back there, but I don't know how feasible that is so a visit would suffice.)
~Italy (or we could just move there too. That would be cool)
~Greece (our friends in England have been to Greece a couple of times and this place is paradise. Simply gorgeous)
~Disneyworld in Florida
~African Safari (our friends in England did this and it sounds amazing)
~Canada (namely Prince Edward Island...Anne of Green Gables land)
~Niagra Falls

So that is all. I hope you enjoyed this section of my binder. Have a great day everyone!

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