Thursday, April 26, 2007

She's Not an "Out of the Box" Type of Girl

Nope! Ever since Chloe learned to crawl she possessed this fascination with boxes. Small boxes, big boxes, rubbermaid tote sort of boxes...even suitcases. Basically, if she can climb in it, she will. And she giggles the whole time. I don't know what is so funny about it, but she finds it hilarious. I end up playing along with her and giggling too because it really is quite comical.

Today she emptied out her "Little People" tote box and carried it to the perfect location (perfection is all in the eyes of the toddler in this instance) and then climbed in. Sometimes she just sits in it. Sometimes she brings in toys with her and plays. Sometimes she walks around in it...or even has one leg outside and one inside and walks around the edges like that. (this is a fairly new skill since she was previously too short to accomplish this)

Today she layed down inside and put the lid on top of her.

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Every day I say "this kid cracks me up" and she really does. You should have heard the giggles. Oh my!!! You would have thought someone was blowing raspberries in her armpits or something. (that is the most ticklish spot on her body. You want a giggle??? Blow raspberries in her armpit) She about lost it when I opened the lid a tad to peek in and say "peek-a-boo".

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In other news, I am almost done with Chloe's dress. I am writing this post as an attepmt to stall on it. The only thing left for me to do is sew in the zipper. I have NO CLUE how I am going to do this. The directions are a tad vague...I guess they are assuming a begginer seamstress would have chosen a pattern that said "Easy" on it instead of one that includes sewn-in seams, gathers, pleats and such. But since when have I ever done anything the easy way??? My mother used to get frusterated with me because I always liked the difficult things. I couldn't start at the bottom like everyone else. Nope. Not me. I always choose something difficult and started there. Guess that means I am "out of the box" too??

So, I thought I wouldn't show any more pictures until the "revealing" but I got a good one today to show you. Just sort of a preview of something. I learned how to sew on lace...that was fun. I love lace. It was much easier than I thought it would be too.

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I still haven't figured out this tension thing. Oh well...the dress is almost done and I am quite proud of it. Wanna know what makes me giggle besides watching Chloe lying inside a tote box?? Seeing a cute dress that I have just made, knowing I have made it and yet being amazed at myself for having just made it. That makes me giggle with glee to myself.

We went out for lunch today with some friends. Guess what I tried??? I had a bite of my very first "real" crab cake. I had one before at one of those chain restaurants and it was HORRIBLE. The one today was awesome. I loved my bite. (I didn't order it myself out of fear...and it was a little pricey for something I wasn't sure I would like) So we had some ourselves for dinner tonight. (the restaurant is literally like 2 minutes from our house) I didn't enjoy eating a WHOLE one though. It was huge and VERY fishy tasting. Don't get me wrong. I adore seafood. I can't get enough of it. BUT...this was a little too fishy tasting. I don't know how to explain it. I know...I'm weird. What can I say?

I helped out at the church today setting up for the Ladies Spring Banquet that is on Saturday. That was fun. I didn't do much. Kind of hard with a toddler running around wanting to dance on all the formal dresses we were using for decor. (we are having a fashion show) Well, guess who called me this evening? The pastor's wife. Do you have any idea what she wanted??? Do you??? Let me say that I am a bit of a shy person and I don't like the "spotlight" on me. NOW can you guess what she wanted??? Okay...let me tell you...

One of the models cancelled for the fashion she wanted me to take her place. WHAT???? But...I said yes. It is my act of worship to the Lord. I will be wearing a "tea length" dress. I haven't seen it but let me explain something to you. This is a "mock" fashion show, right??? So...let your imaginations run wild with what a "tea length dress" could encompass. I caught a glimpse of some of the "outfits" in the dressing room at church. There was a dress with golf balls attached all over. Another dress incorporates a garden hose with a watering can for the purse. I am afraid. VERY afraid. But hey! If it brings someone closer to the Lord...bring it on!!! I am ready for service!

I am off to read up on zippers. Have a great evening everyone!


Lady_MSnow said...

Let us know how putting in the zipper goes. As for the fashion better show pictures!!!!! ;)

Christa said...

Those pictures of Chloe in the plastic tub are too cute!