Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sunday's Hunt

And now...the moment you've been waiting for. THE DRESS. But first, we must start with Saturday night. It was a normal night. We were splashing in the bathtub. Boats with hippos were zooming amongst the waves while eggs were being fried "sunny side up" in the orange elmo skillet. Life was good. Life was normal. Then, during the diaper installation and the insertion of the toddler into the pajamas, the thought occured to me that we hadn't dyed our eggs yet. So, at the time when Chloe usually has her story and goodnight kisses, we traisped down the stairs and proceeded with the Easter Eve ritual.

Well, upon entering the kitchen and procuring the egg dyeing kit from the drawer, another realization hit me. We didn't have any hard boiled eggs. (and it was already 10 minutes past "lights out".) I quickly filled the pot with water and commenced to boiling the eggs. We then tested how long we could draw out the "dye preperations". First we watched the tablets dissolve individually in the water. (this particular kit only containted 3 dyes. Shoot!)

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Chloe then stirred the cups of dye, managing to get it on her fingers in the process. I got smart in the middle of the procedure and placed some paper towels over her entire work area. (pretty much as far as her arms could possibly reach) Then, the dying began.

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Drop the egg in...(some of which cracked due to the height of the drop)

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...and wait for the color to set. (Mama likes dark colored eggs.)

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Then we prep the paint.

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And presto. We have painted eggs. Chloe loved the whole process. Although stirring the dye seemed to be the most fascinating part. Sunday morning we had the hunt!

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As soon as Chloe saw the first egg hiding on the floor she knew what to do. She dived for it and picked it up almost before I could grab the basket for her to put the egg in. (again...eggs were dropped from substantial heights into the basket. I feared for the shells but we managed to save most of them from damage)

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And another picture of her just so you all can see the dress again.

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I am darned proud of that dress. I was up until 2:30 in the morning weaving in ends on it. 5 HOURS!!!!!! That is the longest by far that I have ever spent weaving in ends on anything. The part that took the longest was, of course, the multitude of size 80 thread ends that I thought would make a lovely addition to the dress. Let me tell you. It was COMPLETELY worth it. This dress is my best design ever. I love all my dress designs and couldn't really choose a favorite until now. THIS is my favorite. I adore this dress.

I didn't get the bloomers done for it so I am working on those this week. They will be beautiful too. And alas, we were unable to find the time to snap a picture of the whole family in our Easter outfits. Oh well...maybe I will have someone do that this week. Our family Easter picture.

Well, now I am off to tackle something. I will post about that later. Have a wonderful day everyone!


Lady_MSnow said...

Gotta love those late night egg dyeing festivities! Love Chloe's dress...of course. =)

Mimi said...

Very pretty design, she looks so lovely!

Miranda said...

Chloe's dress is so pretty!! You did an great job on it.

Christine said...

What a gorgeous dress! You are so talented, Anna. Blessings!

catheryn said...

Anna, That is the most precious outfit I have seen. You did an amazing job and Chloe looks just adorable!!

Anna said...

Thank you all. This is my favorite dress design yet. I can't wait to work on more. This is so much fun!