Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Thoughts That Pop Into My Head

I can't think of anything profound today to list. At least not anything pertaining to the number 13 so I thought I might just list the next 13 things that pop into my head. I am known to be a random person with thoughts that flit about like a bumbling bee upon a flower. Let's see what is going through my head today.

1) Do bees really "bumble" around? (I like that word...bumble. Makes me giggle)
2) I wonder what I can do today that would make Chloe giggle uncontrollably.
3) Will the commissary have enough organic milk for us today?
4) I really should start buying more organic veggies along with the organic milk (only problem is, the commissary has such a limited selection of organic veggies. maybe I should put in a request.
5) Did I feed the fish today?
6) I would really like to crochet a skirt in time for my birthday but I just don't have the time. Maybe for the Ladies Spring Banquet at the end of April?
7) I wonder where my friend Molly is and how she is doing.
8) The song we made up in fourth grade still makes me laugh. I will never forget that Molly dislikes mayonnaise because of that song.
9) Will we ever get another pet? I don't know. I think it would be fun to have a rabbit. Maybe for my birthday? Or else a large aquarium with lots of fish in it.
10) I hate spelling that word...aquarium...I always get it wrong.
11) Maybe I should return the white sash on my window treatment to the store and get a red one to match the curtains. I bet it would look nicer. I really need to get those tiebacks installed so I can see out my window during the day.
12) Which kind of tea should I drink after I return from my shopping trip? Chai Spice or PG Tips?
13) Will I never get these bloomers done for Chloe's outfit so I can work on some doilies or something? I really want to make some shawls and skirts for myself. Also some doilies. I would also really like to finish my tablecloth. AND I would love to knit my coat.

Okay. So now we know that I am random. It took me approximately four minutes to type up that list. (and I typed it as I thought it.) Geesh! How random can one person get? Okay. I need to get to the grocery store or I won't hear the end of it. (hubby left the car for me today) I dread grocery shopping since it takes me 20 minutes just to drive there. Uggg. Well, I better get to it. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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Lady_MSnow said...

Yeah...that was pretty random. Loved it though! ;)

The Shrone said...

I say go with the PG Tips! I should send you more Cream Earl Grey! Your birthday is coming...;-)

Anna said...

I did go with the PG Tips. I can't wait to order more from the internet. YUM.