Friday, June 08, 2007

A Date Night to Remember

James and I usually try to have date night every Friday night. to be completely honest here I usually try to have date night every Friday night. James usually tries to get out of it. Wonder why that is? No, just kidding. But seriously...I come up with some pretty lame ideas for dates. At least James thinks they're lame. Like the time I decided that we were going to make peanut butter cookies and create shapes before baking them. I thought this would be a blast. It was NOT a blast however. I have found that if you want to have a truly fun date, it needs to be something the other person thinks is fun or it won't be fun. (ie. the cookie date as we have aptly named that date flop)

Racking my brain for ideas, I realized that James is quite the competitive person. I think all men are to some extent, always trying to outdo the other in everything from baseball to mowing lawns. Keeping this in mind when I plan our little date nights, I have been coming up with some ideas that James actually enjoys. He really likes the "poker" date nights, but I can't get much more into that one. I do try to keep this blog "family-friendly". But I will not stop you from imagining the possibilities of that one.

One thing we always do when an important decision has to be made and we cannot decide whose choice we need to choose, we pull out the old standby of...Rock, Paper, Scissors. A truly ingenious method for making such important decisions as Ever After or Apocalypse Now. (just to let you know that if those were the choices we actually had to decide, it would be crucial that I win in that case. I cannot abide Apocalypse Now. A horrible horrible movie. I have no idea why it is the best movie of all times. NO IDEA. I couldn't even sit through the first 10 minutes of it.)

Anyways, sorry for the tangent there about movies. But you is very important to have such a method for deciding those important decisions. So, it has become standard practice around our house to play this game of Rock, Paper, Scissors during these crucial moments. And whoever wins, wins. Plain and simple. There is no questioning of the Rock, Paper, Scissors decision.

I got to thinking that this might make for a fun date night tonight. We do so thoroughly enjoy those competitive dates. So, I decided to start doing some homework so I could win tonight. Look what I found.

Rock, Paper, Scissors!!!!

I WILL win tonight! I have been studying and I now have the knowledge neccessary to beat my opponent. Now I just need to figure out the details of the "date" portion of this game tonight. But, again, I won't be able to share those with you on this blog...gotta keep this place somewhat clean. But, can well imagine what sort of fun we can come up with.

Have a wonderful day everyone. We are going swimming today! Hooray! I will have pictures too. (I am taking the camera and it is fully charged. No excuses this time.)


Lady_MSnow said...

That is hilarious that you found a webpage devoted to competitive rock paper scissors! :)

Lea said...

You know what might be fun? Having a Japanese dinner to go with it :b

Amy said...

Shalee's Diner hosted a carnival of "cheap dates" a few months ago. You can look there for some new ideas.

Also, if you ever get tired of RPS, my husband and I have tried the Rule of Threes for date night (or anything that requires choosing from a large number of options).

Say we are trying to decide on a restaurant. I choose three restaurants which sounded good for dinner. Adam can either choose one of the three or suggest three different options. If the choice comes back to me, I have to pick one of his three.