Monday, June 04, 2007

A Forgotten Title

Now that is a witty title, don't you think? Pretty witty considering the subject of this post will be pretty boring. You see? I simply forgot to write about another book I finished recently in my last post. (the one where I was naming all the books I finished recently, in case your confused...but how can you be? It was my last post...just like I said) Anyways, I am in a bit of a honery mood tonight so please bear with me. Its "feed the homeless" night so I will be going to bed by myself. James has been arriving home later and later each week from his "feeding" ministry and now he has suckered me into promising that I will not wait up for him. I don't know why I made such a promise. It is going to be very hard for me to go to bed by myself. He even told me that he better not come home to find me reading a book in bed. That apparently does not count as "going to bed". Neither does crocheting in bed. DRATS! He knows me too well.

Okay. So this means that bedtime is close at hand and here I am rambling about that upcoming moment when I must say goodnight to thin air. (since I won't be saying goodnight to my dear husband - oh, the sadness)

I meant to tell you about a book. One that I forgot to tell you about this morning. And here I am...forgetting to tell you about it again. I read The Moment I Saw You by Lisa Samson. I have to say that this was a very, VERY good book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Quite a pleasant read after that Prairie Avenue crud. It's a Christian Romance with a modern setting. The lady of the book knows all about websites and building them and such. AND...the guy she falls for is from ENGLAND!!! How can you go wrong there? AND they drink tea! AND they go on a visit to Bath! A place in England...not the bathtub upstairs. (Just had to say that for all you readers whose minds went straight to the gutter on that one. This book is CLEAN!)

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Bath is a city in England full of rich history and charm. I adored our visit there for our fifth wedding anniversary and I would go again in a heartbeat if I had the chance. (and I hope to someday...maybe next summer?) Anyways, the ancient Romans used to come to Bath from...ummm...Rome, I sit in the hot springs in what is now called Bath. I actually touched some of the water which was a weird color of green...then I saw the sign that said "Do Not Touch the Water" and I broke out into a worried frenzy. Poor James. He had a time of it trying to convince me that my hand was not going to fall of at the elbow.

Anyways, while they were in Bath and naming some of the sights, it was cool to me because I could envision exactly where they were at and what they were seeing. I found that pretty cool. (only they didn't mention the "ice lollies". Bummer. The ice lollies were pretty good there.)

This was a great book and I highly recommend it. HIGHLY! I enjoyed it very much. I do have to say that the ending was lacking...something. Maybe words? I felt it could have said a bit more. Not that it ended too It ended right on time, but the last chapter spanned too much time with not enough info. That's all.

So, now I am off to crochet something red and sip a cup of my yummy English PG Tips tea. Hope it doesn't keep me awake tonight. I simply HAVE to be asleep by the time James gets home. OR ELSE! I don't know what else could be but quite frankly, I don't care to find out! Maybe I'll just pour me a glass of water instead. Goodnight all!!!


Lady_MSnow said...

Quit taunting the fact you have your PG Tips tea! ;) I still would love to try that some day. =)

Crochetingangel said...

I have to say that I think you have got me now on the hunt for yet another book, and you have already got me addicted to PG Tips
:) I knew you meant the city Bath so my mind was clean but of course my hubby thought the Bath tub, lol