Saturday, June 16, 2007

Small Jackpot Things

I hit the jackpot today! I am so happy with my finds. James promised me this week that he would take me to a little local flea market I heard from a lady standing in line with me at the Salvation Army last week. And he kept that promise. (which made me a very happy wife, indeed.) As many of you probably already know, I have this sort of addiction to books. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to read. Well, lately I have had this insane need to fill my entire house from top to bottom with books. Can I ever read these books in a year? Not unless I forsake everything else in my life. (and I don't see that happening.) But I buy them none-the-less.

Some books I began reading as a young teenager were my mother's Grace Livingston Hill collection. I swear I read every single Grace Livingston Hill book my mother owned at least3 times before I graduated highschool. Why would my mother let me read such books at the age of 13? I don't know. I guess it was better than some of the other books I could have been bringing home from the library.

After I was married, my mother gifted me with her Grace Livingston Hill collection for my birthday one year. Oh boy. I have re-read these books through 2 more times since then. I just love them. I got this brilliant idea a few weeks ago that it might be nice to add to this collection. I found one book at an antique store (which I believe I already showed you at that time.) Today though, I found a box of books filled with Grace Livingston Hill books. JACKPOT! Many of them I already had, but I was able to pick up quite a few I didn't have. Hooray!

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I know that these books will send me well on my way to the 50 book goal I have set this year. I can literally read on of these Grace books in a day. They are a quick read but I still love them.

Anyways, the lady with the Grace books also had two Janette Oak books so I bought those as well. I remember my mother having those books when I was a girl too. I read my first Janette Oak book when I was 10 years old and I think I read everything my mother owned from that collection in one years time. I love her books too. I thought it might be nice for Chloe to grow up reading these books like I did so I think I will be adding to this collection as well.

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And speaking of books...I found a couple of books yesterday at the Salvation Army. I told myself I was not going to buy any books yesterday when I went in. I did a very good job of displaying some self-control for the first 5 minutes I was in the store. I did a VERY good job. I think I should be commended for how well I did for those 5 minutes. But then, I went to look at a rocking chair that was right next to the bookshelf. Why would they do that? Put something I want to look at right smack cab next to something I am forbidden to look at. Oh the agony of it all. Then I told myself, I would only buy books that are on my "wishlist". So, I found a Grace Livingston Hill "collection" book. (collection 8) It has four books in one including one written by her Aunt. JACKPOT Again!! I couldn't pass that up. And even though its not "technically" on my really is since I have decided to collect her books. So, that is okay. I also found a book that is on my amazon wishlist. So, that one is okay too. So, I think I should still be commended for not buying any other books in addition to these two.

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Chloe sometimes displays toddler-like behaivior. Okay. I know this is hard to believe. She always looks so sweet and smiley. NO one believes me when I say this kid can cry with the best of them. But she can. Trust me on this one. Sometimes, she becomes so overly unbearable with the whining thing that I send her to time-out. If we are on the top floor of the house then timeout is on her bed. If we are on the middle floor of the house, timeout is on the couch. She just sits there until I tell her she can get off.

Well, Thursday I used this method and after about 5 minutes I noticed it got unusually quiet. Okay. First let me explain that during timeout she is not allowed to have any toys or anything. She just sits there. But she usually ends up talking to herself or playing with her cell phone or cup of tea (she has quite the imagination...since she has nothing in her hands to play with). But not Thursday. She was too quiet. I walked around the corner and lo and behold, the poor dear was....

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...sleeping!!!! No I am not a horrible mother that left her there for an hour or anything. It was literally less than 5 minutes. That is how tired the poor thing was. Sometimes, kids just need some peace and quiet when they are cranky and fussy because they are indeed too tired to know what they want. They just need some sleep.

So, now I am off to help James paint the shed. I choose a pretty sage green and we are going to add a white trim. He didn't really like my "cottage garden" idea of painting the shed white with white trim and then having roses galore climbing all over it with maybe some Hollyhocks and Asters. a light sage green is the next best thing, right?

I leave you with the most adorable picture of the cutest kid in the world. She actually climbed into this box on her own. How she accomplished it, I will never know. I wasn't looking. James was too busy chatting on the phone in the chair behind her to notice this ridiculous kid. She is too funny. I tell you...she is not normal. This fascination with boxes has gone far beyond normal. If there is a box (yes...even a cereal box) she MUST attempt to get inside. (next time she tries to get into a cheerio box, I hope I have my camera on hand so you all can see it.)

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Happy Saturday to you all! Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!


Lady_MSnow said...

Isn't it great how children love boxes. One of the simplest things in all the world! I love it. Glad you found books on your list. Check out my blog posting for today. ;)

Lea said...

I am so glad you had a great time! I prayed about that... and look how God blessed you with the books! Awesome!