Friday, June 08, 2007

Something About Tea

"Here we go again. She's going to say it. She's going to mention something about her beloved PG Tips tea, isn't she? I mean, the title of her post has the word tea in it. What can you expect from someone who flaunts her wonderful PG Tips tea around for everyone to swoon over?"

Okay. So I know that's what you all were thinking in your heads. But no. I am not going to mention my lovely PG Tips tea (which I have just had a delightful cup of, by the way) I would not do that to you. I am not cruel. What I am going to do is show you a little gadget I have decided I would like to own.

A teastick!

Yes. I took one look at this thing and knew immediately that I would like one of them. But check out the price!!! Egads!!! Maybe Santa will bring me one in my stocking for Christmas. I can beg and beg and beg some more can't I?

I just really wanted to show this to you because I think its clever. That is the coolest little tea infuser I have ever seen. I will tell you the moment I receive mine from Santa.

In other news, we had our swim today. It was lovely. Simply perfect. The weather was wretchedly hot and the pool was refreshingly cold. Not cool. Not frigid cold. Refreshingly cold. It was wonderful. I even got some photos of little Chloe. (as I promised I would. I actually almost forgot so you are very lucky I have some)

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Chloe instantly loved the water. We stepped right in fear. I guess alot of kids are afraid of the pool? Chloe isn't. She loves water...bath water, sink water, cat bowl water. ALL water. Anyways, I put her on the steps so she could play by herself without me holding her the whole time. She loved it. I think next time I will take her lifejacket though so she can learn to swim without me holding her the whole time.

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And another one just because she's one cute kid.

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Guess what! I haven't finished my extensive to do list and I went and added another major project to the list yesterday. Here's the scoop. I really want a dream sewing/craft room. I want it to be a place where I can go for inspiration and to relax with a nice cup of PG Tips tea. (okay. honestly, I didn't need to mention that part, did I Ladysnow??? So sorry) Anyways, I am in need of something to sit on in this room. I found just the something yesterday at the Salvation Army. It was perfect. AND it was on sale for half off. Can you get much better than that? I don't think so. I got this lovely chair for $12.50.

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Actually, I find it quite hideous. Revolting. I can't even bring myself to sit in it. BUT...I see the potential. I want to recover it and have the most wonderful little crocheting cuddly chair ever. I love my recliner but I find it hard to crochet in. The arms are too big and cuddly. It is perfect for typing on the computer (like I am doing now) but for crocheting, it just doesn't cut it. This chair will be perfect. But now for my dilemma which I will need as much help with as possible.

What color should I cover it in? Of course, I will have to be able to FIND the colors you all choose for me from Joann's but I want to go in with a general idea. So, here are your choices. I will be taking a vote in my comments section to this post. Please vote for any of the following choices. (bear in mind that pink is my favorite color)

1. Solid Pink (a lighter shade...I am thinking something soft here like a velvety type fabric that would be oh so nice to cuddle up in)
2. Pink and brown. (dark brown...I am thinking maybe stripes of some sort. With some pink floral throw pillows because this chair is just crying out for some pillows)
3. Pink Floral (of some sort or another...very shabby chic type)
4. Blue floral (again...think shabby chic)
5. Pink and Maroon. (this is my least favorite option but I had to come up with something for you all to choose from.)

So, there you have it. The walls in my sewing room are pink. I like pink. The curtain is black toile. I don't neccessarily want toile fabric but maybe something that would go with it?? Not sure here. Also, for those of you who are experienced in this recovering of chairs thing, I am going to be making a "makeshift" cover that quite possibly will involve a little bit of sewing but I am NOT re-doing the entire chair. Just making a cover of sorts. So, with that being said...what type of fabric do you think would be best for this kind of project? I have never dreamed of attempting this type of thing before.

Before I go, I want to show you all a doily I made a few weeks ago for my secret pal. I am sending this in her reveal package so I don't have to worry about whether or not she reads my blog. I just know that if I don't show it to you now I will forget. I am sure you already think I don't crochet any more because I haven't had anything substantial to show you all in quite some time. Have no fear though. Have no fear. I have been busy designing and getting some patterns through testing and give me about 3 weeks and I should have a ton of projects to show you. Some are things I even crocheted back in December!!! (wow...that was half a year ago)

Without further ado, here is a doily. (I forget the name)

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And don't you all miss my fun shots??? I know you do. So just for you here is a fun shot.

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That doily is crocheted with some old Clarks thread that someone was kind enough to send me last summer as part of the Holidays in July over on the ville. It is size 30. I loved it. I think I need to make this doily for myself too. (but then I say that for every doily I make for someone else.)

I gotta run now. Date night is starting soon and I have the feeling we might have dinner out!! (and I didn't even plan it.)


Anonymous said...

Can we vote "other" for your chair? Considering you've already got a solid color on the wall (pink) and a pattern (black toile curtains), I wouldn't do another solid or big pattern.

I think a stripe, small check, or even a small polka dot would be nice. Something in the pink, black, and (I'm guessing) white you already have going on in the room. If you did black and white, you could add some pink fringe, or some trim, or even a small pillow to pull the pink into the room.

Would make the room have a French sort of theme. Don't know if that is what you are going for.

Lady_MSnow said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...go and flaunt your PG Tips tea..... On to another topic. ;) Chloe is adorable, but not as cute as Elisabeth. ;) I think the chair is a great find. If your room is already pink...I would go with a brown maybe with some pink accent pillows or something. So the pink and brown combo is my pick. :)

Lea said...

I'd go with pink shabby chic floral... just can't go wrong with shabby chic!

anne marie said...

I'm not to sure of the solid. I think something with srtipes also to incorporate the black as well, with a gathered skirt rather than a pleated one. Gather will make it not as formal, more shabby chic for you. Just becarefull stripes can get to formal also.

the type of material would be the decorator type its heaier than cotton and gives a richer look. I cover these chairs all the time.they always come out nice. the beauty of slipcovers is changeing whenever you want.

anne marie

anne marie said...

I cover these chairs all the time, I use decorator fabric. It has weight to it and makes a nicer looking end product.

I agree not to use a solid, a stripe or small flowers with pink and incorporate the black even if the black is in the piping should tie in the colors. If your going shabby chic dont do pleats use a gathered skirt.

If you do stripes be careful certain stripes can be to formal. When you see the fabric you like you will know its the right one.

anne marie

Debra said...

Thanks for posting about the teastick. I got one off of ebay. with shipping I paid exactly the same as the site you listed. I love it though!

Lady_MSnow said...

Anna I found this website the other day and thought of you...
Not sure if it is something you would consider...I think they have brown and maybe black upholstery paint. It would at least be an option for you. Never know.... :)