Monday, July 30, 2007

QUICK!!! Get Me a Bib!

I am drooling all over myself!! Look at what some wonderful fairy godmother at the ville dropped into my mailbox today for Holidays in July!

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Oh my goodness! I can hardly believe it. These are some of the most gorgeous doilies I have ever seen. Stunning can't even come close to describing these doilies. AND I MUST HAVE THEM!!! But the magazine is written in another language with charts for these doilies. I don't know how to crochet from a chart...YET!

Just look at these gorgeous doilies...

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Gorgeous, I tell you...gorgeous. I was literally ohhhhing and awwwing as I was flipping through this magazine. I kept thinking to myself "I need that one...oh! I need that one too. AND that one!" Each doily in this book needs to be made and displayed in my house. I have decided that.

As I was flipping through my new magazine (and being careful not to let any drool drop on the pages) I opened up a page somewhere in the middle and what do I see???

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A doily just for me!!! Isn't it gorgeous??? I am assuming that this thread is from another country since the magazine is and the package it came in had a foreign address and foreign stamps. This is DEFINATELY going in my Anne of Green Gables challenge. No doubt about that.

There are so many doilies in this magazine. I can't get over it.

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That's another one that is calling to me...begging me to make it for my dining room table. (or bedroom dresser...wouldn't it make a stunning dresser scarf?) So, I guess this means I will be learning to crochet from a chart now. I have been wanting to try it for some time now. This will be fun! Thank you so much fairy godmother for the delightful surprise. I really was surprised and this magazine will be used. You can count on that!


The Shrone said...

Is it all right if I drool with you? Learning to crochet from symbols is not that hard. You'll pick it up in no time, and the motivation to do so is very compelling! What a wonderful surprise gift!

Anna said...

Yes,you may drool with long as you have a bib too. (wouldn't want my new mag to get wet)

Lady_MSnow said...

That book is awesome and it is a very beautiful doily you have been given. :)