Thursday, August 02, 2007

Color Coordination

Its official. I have decided to take up my own challenge and try to sew, knit and crochet Chloe and my own winter wardrobes for this year. (yup...this one. The one coming up in a couple of months) I will be adding that particular post to the Gallery in my sidebar so you can all track my progress to see if I make it or not.

But I have one problem. Now that this decision has been made another, more looming, decision plagues my mind. WHAT COLOR????

Let me explain. I am a beginner knitter so anything I knit will have to be something that goes with everything. So, I was thinking that I could choose a color scheme and make all the clothes to fit that scheme. Like a mix and match sort of thing.

I will give you two options that I can't decide between and ask that you help me with my color choice.


I love the new skirt I made this weekend and it would be a great color scheme. You can't go wrong with pink and brown. Here are some samples for you to see the kind of fabric I am looking at.

Pink and Brown (of course)

Pink, Green and Brown all in one

Green and brown toile

Brown and Pink MUM

Brown with Pink Polka Dot (because of course you would have to have this in a brown and pink color scheme)


Torqoiuse and brown (I just ADORE this print...really...)

Cute Floral (and this is really cute)

So. What color scheme should I choose? I might just have to mention to you that pink is my all time favorite color. Don't let that sway you though...not my intention at all. Okay. I am off to try for a nap. It was a late night for me last night and my brain (and body) is complete mush. I don't think coffee can fix this I am calling Mary Poppins over to babysit while I try to sleep on the couch with a toddler climbing all over me.


Lady_MSnow said...

Okay....I would say browns and probably pink. But you could have a couple with the turquoise/blue color too. If you are knitting sweaters I would make them dark brown or a cream so that they will go with many things.

Christine said...

I really like all of the fabrics, but I guess I would say to go with choice number 1. You have such exquisite taste.

Anonymous said...

I was at in town today, looking especially at the children's clothes. I noticed just how much pink and brown there was. Must be the new "in" colors.

B said...

I'm going number 1 here.
Well, I completely love the skirt you made and I like Lady said a nice brown and cream sweater would look lovely. The one fabric for choice 2 looked so summery to me and the other colors scream fall/winter personally! So I say the earthy tones mixed with pink for this winter and then come back to that lovely turquoise for the summer time! =)

Anna said...

So...we have four for number 1 and zero fo rnumber 2. I think you are right B. Torquoise is more of a summer color. And I am a little partial to the pink. LOL.
Yes. There are a TON of pink and brown this season. We will be very IN!!! :)

Daughter of the King said...

you can do this...what a challenge...I wish I had your energy.