Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An Icky Sort of Day

Yesterday the rain was nice. It was muchly appreciated and very muchly needed. The day before that was the same. After the heat of summer it was nice to have some cooler weather and some rain. But today is different. Today it affects me. Today I do not want the rain. Oh, its not really the rain. I don't mind the wetness all that much. I enjoy what it does for my flowers. Its the gloominess of the dark clouds that affects me. I found myself lying in bed this morning and I didn't want to get up. That is what rainy days do to me.

So, how do I break myself from this depressing mood I am in? I don't know. Maybe I will sew. After all, I recieved a good many "vintage" patterns in the mail yesterday. I won them from Ebay.

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Those are some Cabbage Patch clothes. One knit for preemies and one sewn for regular dolls. I have one Cabbage Patch doll from when I was a girl and he/she is desperately in need of some clothes.

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Ahhhh...my favorite lot. I am pretty excited about this set of patterns. So excited, in fact, that I almost forgot about my depressed state and the gloomy rain outside. ALMOST! You see, my mother will be bringing out two of her old dolls when she comes to visit in October. These dolls were hers when she was a little girl. (before she was five years old) They are from the 40's so I scoured Ebay for some vintage patterns to make clothes for them. Part of the problem is that the main doll is 27" tall. (that is a BIG baby) So, these sort of patterns are harder to find. BUT I found one. One of the patterns you see above is for a 28" doll. I figure it will work.

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I did tell you that I am really into vintage dresses from the 50's. But I didn't tell you that I have a pattern. Yes! I have a vintage dress pattern. I got this last week sometime but just didn't have time to show it to you all. I can hardlY wait to make this dress. I am thinking I will make the fuller skirt with the longer sleeves though. (for winter) I love the collar on this dress though. Cute.

Can you believe that I have actually made some things and forgot to show them to you? I realized this morning that I promised you I would show them to you last week and I didn't. Well, better late than never.

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This skirt is made from a sheet I got at Elijah's barrel at church. (the free thrift store I was telling you about) I had enough to make a skirt for myself and a dress for Chloe. I love it when mothers and little girls match so I made us a matching set.

Now you can't tell very well in the picture but these are definately "play" clothes. I would never wear this out of the house. I didn't realize it until I had sewn it up that the sheet was quite old and therefore worn in some places more than others. So my panels on the skirt are different shades. There are also some stains in the fabric that I didn't notice either...but you can see them in the right lighting.

Now I have to decide how I want to spend my gloomy Tuesday. I am thinking I will finish a nightgown I started sewing on Sunday. Or maybe I will make some doll clothes. Or cut out some skirts or a dress I bought fabric for. I might even finish crocheting a baby dress I started yesterday. I don't know. We will see what speaks to me.

Have a good day everyone!


Lady_MSnow said...

Those may be play clothes but they are very pretty!

B said...

Looks like you got some nice things in the mail! =)
Have fun making some of those vintage items =)

And the skirt/dress look adorable!

Daughter of the King said...

play cloths...nothing..
You two look so sweet...I am spending so much time reading your archives and getting to know you...
my husband is retired AF...my son was a C-17 pilot...now works for a Airline and is a reservist.
I LOVE your blog and your heart for the Lord and wanting to be a Godly woman and wife.