Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lookie Lookie

I love to hear from the readers of my blog. If I don't hear from you, how do I know you are reading? To put it simply....I don't. So thank you to all of you who leave me comments or email me or contact me in other ways. I LOVE to know that you enjoy what you read here. Makes me feel good. (although that's not ALL this is about...I do want what I write to glorify God as well.)

Anyways, yesterday I heard from a reader and she sent me a link to a wonderful blog I had never seen before. You have GOT to check this blog out if you like sewing. More specifically if you like sewing dresses. Even more specifically if you like sewing vintage dresses. Its called A Dress A Day. It took one glance to inform me that I had found it. I didn't know I was looking for it but I had found it. A blog that would inspire me in my insatiable need to sew clothes.

One of the problems I have is that I am looking to sew/crochet/knit (pretty much MAKE) both Chloe and my own winter wardrobes this year - the entire wardrobe (well...almost the entire wardrobe) - and I can't seem to find any dress patterns for myself that I would wear AND feel modest in. While I am not one of those who wants to cover myself from head to toe, I do want to look nice but remain modest at the same time.

I have been fascinated, lately, with the style of the 50's. I LOVE the dresses from that era. Well, while I was looking around on the aforementioned blog, I saw a link to the most wonderful website in the world. Vintage Patterns. REAL vintage patterns. I am in heaven! The site is called Out of the Ashes. Check out the patterns they have from the 50's. These are real patterns from that decade. I am in love. I have to restrain myself from buying everything on the page. Did I mention that I am in love???? I think I will buy this dress pattern. How adorable is that??? I can hardly wait to get it. Not quite a winter dress...but it will do for church. I can wear it with a sweater and be fine.

Anyways, I am off to crochet. Have a wonderful day!


Lady_MSnow said...

I forgot all about that website. Now I just have to spend some time looking through it again. :)
You might want to check out these sites as well.

Amy said...

Sigh. I need to learn how to sew.

Marian said...

Hi Anna---I have been reading your blog for ages, but never yet put a comment down--but of course, if I do not, how would you know that I am here following in all your adventures! I love reading about all the things you make , seeing the pics, plus all the lovely pics of sweet little Chloe [by the way, one of my little dogs is called Chloe--just a conicidence!!].
I like to try and catch up at least once a week, so even though I do not always comment, I will still be reading all your news !

Anna said...

Thank you Marion. Its great to hear from you. I am so glad you enjoy reading here.

DixieRedHead said...

I read you to,Amy. I just don't always take the time to comment. :-) *hugs*