Monday, August 20, 2007

Missing Home

I didn't realize the extent to which I am a homebody until last week. I have always known I love being home, but man oh be gone from home every day of the week...I don't know how working woman do it. I really don't. Working outside the home is definately NOT for me. I can say that much.

Why was I gone so much last week? We had Vacation Bible School at out church and I helped out there every day. I can honestly say that I am more active when I am home (from baking bread to running up and down the stairs a billion times) but I came home from bible school everyday and took a long nap with Chloe. I was just so worn out from being around people so much.

So, today I spent the morning and afternoon playing catch up. I cleaned the entire house (almost), bought some food (because we were completely out), baked some bread, made some mint jelly and crocheted half of a baby dress. (yes, a new design soon to be released for testing - Oct 1 in case you are interested) I even got some pictures of things today.

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The above is some garden goodness from my very own garden. YUM! I can't wait to eat those tomatoes. I am sort of stuck though. There are too many tomatoes coming in for us to eat by ourselves but there isn't enough to can. What should I do? Eat them til I get sick???

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That is the mint jelly I made. It turned out much darker than I imagined it would. I think I may have added too much food coloring. I would rather it have been a lighter "minty" color. Similar to that of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Anyways, all three jars set so there won't be any taste-testing of it today.

I have enough mint to make another batch but I will wait until morning to do that. I am tired of standing in the kitchen and I have yet to start dinner.

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One thing I firmly believe in is that Chloe should be with me throughout the day, learning from me so that someday she will know how to run a home. So, when I cook in the kitchen, she is there with me. Well, while making the bread I had to let it sit for about 15 minutes so I left the kitchen and checked my emails. Chloe asked to wash her hands so I turned on the tap for her while I was around the corner. Well, about 10 minutes later I heard her turn off the tap. When the timer went off I came around the corner to find my little helper helping me. (she even grinned and said "hup...hup" (which means help in toddler-speak)

She managed to get the bananas from across the room and unpeel two of them and put them into the measuring cup for me. (not that I needed bananas for whole wheat bread or mint jelly) We ate the bananas up and then made the bread.

So, I am feel extremely blessed to have such a wonderful home and privileged to be the queen of it. I do miss it when I am gone for so long.


Lea said...

I just made a batch of salsa with all of our extra tomatoes and peppers! The jelly looks wonderful!

Lady_MSnow said...

Boy! she is a very good her apron. ;D

Christine said...

You are very wise to include Chloe in your work as a homemaker. She is blessed to have such a wise and sweet mama. You are a wonderful example!