Thursday, September 06, 2007

Along the Road of Good Intentions

You can see many sights along the road of good intentions. Although the destination is not always fun (desination is actually "nowhere", the way there can sure give you a thrill. (or a fright, which can also be exciting) Take yesterday, for example. I had many well-formulated plans for things I wanted to accomplish, things I didn't want to accomplish but needed to accomplish and things that MUST be accomplished.

I was well on my way along this road of good intentions. You do realize that to be on the road, you must first have the good intentions. That's exactly what I had. Certain things needed cleaned. Other things needed crocheted, or mended, or sewn or stamped. I even started a list yesterday of projects that I MUST finish by the end of the year. (alot of them by the end of the month) That list is currently 33 lines long. YIKES! I knew I had to get busy if I wanted to get to that list yesterday.

I headed downstairs to grab my bucket so I could clean the floor of the coat closet. (my zone cleaning chore for yesterday) As I stepped into the unfinished portion of the basement, three inches of water immediately swirled around my bare foot. YUP! WATER. My basement was flooded. Its not the first time our basement has flooded but this WAS the first time it flooded with the washing machine OFF and no thunderstorm going on outside.

So, I got out the good ole ShopVac we borrowed from our friends and I proceeded to vacuuming out the basement. About an hour and a half later, James came home from work to help. In that time, I hadn't made any progress with the water. As soon as I emptied the rather large canister of water and started again, it appeared as though I hadn't even touched it.

James figured out it was coming from our hot water heater. By about midnight last night, he finally got the valve on the hot water heater fixed so he could shut off the water to the heater without having the water to the entire house turned off. (we went all day without water)

Today, I am exhausted. We didn't get to bed til after 3:00 am last night this morning and it shows. I couldn't function when I woke up. Literally. I tried to get Chloe's breakfast ready and I couldn't remember where the cereal bowls were kept. Oh and milk. I guess it helps to have milk in cereal. (if you can't figure out why your toddler isn't eating, check to make sure there is milk in the bowl) Because the state of my mind was in such disrepair, I opted for cold cereal. It would have been disasterous to attempt cooked oatmeal while in such a sleep-deprived state. And the coffee. I had to take a nap for an hour directly after breakfast in order to be able to comprehend the steps neccessary for a cup of coffee.

For this reason, I have no WIP progress to report, nor did I anti-procrastinate anything. DRATS! I really was going to, too. Well, maybe not the anti-procrstination one...but I really wanted to work on a WIP. I really did, I tell you. I don't know as I will work on anything today aside from an order that came through for a dress. A size 5T dress. I will have to share the details of this another time. It involves that yummy new yarn I mentioned yesterday.

May you all have a great day and may your feet stay dry!

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((((hugs))) Sorry about the rough night.

I have a small gift for you though: