Wednesday, September 19, 2007

IT BURNS!!! Oh How it Burns!

My legs are on fire! My arms are on fire! Every muscle in my body is on fire!!! Why did I put myself through this? What good did I think it would do?

Wait a minute. Let me back up a few days here. Last Saturday I went with a girlfriend to the library. Harmless enough, right? We got booku books between her three children and Chloe and I. Boy oh boy. Well, being my first adventure to the library since we moved here (don't know why it took me so long to go there...guess I am a little bit shy to go new places...especially new places where I actually have to TALK to someone) I was dazzled by all that mine eyes beheld. Before me was endless amounts of books. HEAVEN! (for a book lover like me)

What amazed me most was the loads of dvd's they had there. Almost any movie you could imagine. But they charge for them. Almost as much as Blockbuster so I opted not to rent one. (we get unlimited movies two at a time for abotu $14 a month delivered to our door) But...thier workout videos are free! That got the gears in my head cranking. Wouldn't that be a great way to get started exercising? With a free video for 3 weeks?

Oh boy...I wish I had just told myself I could go on a walk everyday. I did the workout with the vidoe yesterday and I was beat. Plumb beat! But that was okay. Denise kept telling me I was burning fat! and gaining energy! (which is what I need) and she was smiling the entire time so I believed her. I really did!

Today I woke up and my body is on fire! James told me I need to take a day's break to let my body heal. Silly me. Oh silly me. Why do I not listen to my husband? Needless to say, I only got about 3/4 of the way through the workout before I fell up the stairs to take my shower. BUT!!! I will press on. This light workout knocking the life out me just goes to show how much shape I am out of. That's right. I am out of shape!

I figure that my tiredness and all the recent headaches (and nausea) must be related to the fact that I get NO exercise. None...unless you could hauling the vacumn up 3 flights of stairs every morning. I don't count that though. So, anyways. I have 2 1/2 weeks left before I have to return this video and its my goal to be able to get all the way though it without keeling over by that time. Then maybe they will have anther video I can swap this one out for.

So now that my body is in recouperation mode, I figure its time to show you all some recent sewing projects of mine. Recent as in last month. I feel terrible that I didn't show them to you when I finished them but, hey...what's a girl to do with a scrambled brain?

First is a nightgown.

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I am NOT pleased with this nightgown at all. I still wear it but its HUGE on me. I made a size 14 and I am thinking I should have made a 12. I have been making size 14 skirts because I am a little nervous that a 12 would be too small. Now I am thinking otherwise.

I had enough leftover fabric to make a shirt for myself. I LOVE this shirt. It suits me to a "T". I love the fabric and the style and the colors. That is the whole reason for making my own clothes, right? To do a style I like in pattern/colors I like that is modest and stylish?

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I started this shirt (McCalls 2094) during Bible School in August and I finally got around to sewing the buttonholes and buttons yesterday. Yay! Its done just in time for me to pack it up for spring!!! (drats) But notice the skirt? That is my favorite project I have made yet. Oh I adore this skirt pattern. Simplicity 4188.
I love the fabric too. Its denim with blue embroidery all over it. Sooo cute.

I even had enough left over of the denim to make a little jumper for Chloe. (Simplicty 4056)

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I love this jumper but it turned out way too short. WAYYY too short. I am thinking of jumping up sizes to a size 1 for her. That way the dresses will fit her most of the winter. Anyways, I have some lace I am going to see if I can add to the bottom to make it a little longer. We will see. I also need to add the zipper to the back. I really need to get going on her wardrobe though. Her dresses are getting way too short for her and the weather is cooling off.

Last I want to show you an apron set I made last month. I don't recall if I showed this to you already or not so if I did, I'm sorry. Its just so darned cute though, isn't it?

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I used Simplicity 3746 for this set. I love it because it even has the apron for the doll too! How fun is that? I am thinking this might make a good Christmas gift for some neices of mine.

Okay. I am off to cut some dresses out for Chloe. I hope to get some made this week so I can start packing away her summer clothes. I also recieved my yarn from knitpicks yesterday so I can finish the dress I am working on for my customer. Hope to get that done this week too. Have a great day everyone! Go out and enjoy this beautiful weather!!!


Christine said...

That is hilarious, Anna! I just checked out a workout video from the library yesterday, and I am so tired anyways, that I am a bit afraid to use it.I love the large dvd selection at most libraries. The nightgown looks lovely, I am sorry that it does not fit quite right.If I made something that lovely, I would wear it too, regardless of the size. :)I adore the very cute shirt and skirt! The mother, daughter, and babydoll apron set is absolutely adorable! You are incredibly talented! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't let the soreness stop you! Once you get past that you won't believe how great you are feeling. I've been having a lot of mood swings and a general feeling of tiredness due to the changes my 50 year old body is going through and the excercise is making a huge difference. I feel ssooo much better. I LOVE the apron set!
ps I received the patterns for the doll dress dish cloths I ordered from you the other day. They are wonderful!

amy said...

I love your new outfit, it's perfect. You are incredible at making your own clothing. What a talent to have!! Good luck with the exercise video you got-you look perfect just the way you are already. :)

Lady_MSnow said...

All the clothing looks wonderful! I love my simplicity skirt (from the same pattern) too! I love how it flows. The jumper for Chloe is very cute as well. Do you have more of the same fabric? If so you could add a false hem or a ruffle. Just a thought. ;)

Mimi said...

Your projects are lovely! The apron set is adorable, your daughter must be so thrilled...