Sunday, September 23, 2007

Its Time to Say Goodbye to George

Our basement windows are terrible. I wouldn’t even classify them as “windows” really. On the outside we have these screen things that barely stay on…and sometimes don’t. On the inside we have this plexi-glass stuff. There is about a 6 inch space between the outer screen and the inner plexi-glass. Now, the plexi-glass is all broken out with holes and on some windows, one in particular, its non-existent.

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The outside screen.

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The inside plexi-glass. You can't see it very well but the space in between the plexi-glass and the outer screen is filled with cobwebs. Notice the hole in the plexi-glass? YUCK!!!!

What this means for us is that we have many visitors in our basement. James has always been pretty good about “taking care of” these special guests for me - that is, until recently. Our most recent guests have been crickets. If you think crickets chirping outside are annoying, you should try having them in your basement. (which we use as a family room…with our TV and computer down there.)

I realized we had a major problem when one evening while we were watching series 24 there came a cricket, hopping along the floor. He sat down in front of the television and there settled himself. (He must have a thing for Jack Bauer)

I immediately asked James to get up and kill the cricket. He told me, “No!”

Me: “Please kill the cricket, James.”
James: “No, Anna. That cricket has a name.”
Me: “It’s just a cricket, for crying out loud. Go get it out of here.”
James: “Anna. That cricket has a family and a name!”
Me: “James. GO KILL GEORGE!!!”

Needless to say, George was NOT killed or removed from the premises and he now visits us every time we watch a movie or play downstairs. He chirps away all day long and sometimes brings friends over to party in the bathroom down there.

It is time for George to go!

We bought new windows and we are in the process of installing them.

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Much better.

James has decided that I am much better at mortaring the window blocks into the openings so while he held the windows in place, I mortared. You would never believe it, but somehow mortaring windows could be considered "art". At least it appealed to my artistic nature.

While I mortared in the windows, James suggested builing out the mortar to make an even ledge. This is where the artistic nature of mine took effect. I filled the cracks and then shaped the mortar into an even and smooth ledge that would rival any professional mortar-person's job. Mortaring is a delicate art. If done poorly, it will dry in an undesirable formation. My first window, for example, has long finger marks indented along the whole wall. My second and third window are much better. No finger marks and the ledge is almost perfect.

We have one window left to install but the sand in the mortar rubbed the tip of my ring finger raw and I opted to wait until next weekend to finish that last window.

And just because we were working in the front garden and snapping pictures, I thought you might like to see a picture of my gorgeous shrub rose that sits in the front garden.

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Oh how I love roses. I think next year I am going to skip the vegetables and fruit altogether and plant tons of roses. Fragrant ones too. Climbing roses. Just a garden full of roses. And maybe lavendar and chamomile while I am at it. Oh...and delphiniums. I missed those this year.

Well, I am off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I started something on a whim last night while perusing my yarn stash. A certain yarn spoke to me and said "MAKE ME!" and so I did. I am not quite finished yet but when I am done, I will show you. (maybe tonight...but no promises)

Happy and Blessed Sunday all!!!

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Sounds like you had a very productive weekend! :D