Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Peanut Revenge

If ever there was a time for revenge, now would be it. Don't get me wrong here. I love my sister to death. She is my best friend, sticks with me through thick and thin. (and some of those thin spots have been pretty thin for I have not been the nicest sister to her during our lifetime) But what have you...we are sisters. We are blood and that is a bond that NO ONE can break.

That is until she broke it this last week. Oh...it might seem harmless enough to most. It came in the form of a package. A birthday package for everyone in our household. Yes, it was James birthday last week but also included in this package was my birthday gift and a gift for Chloe as well.

"Hold up! Wait a minute!", you all say. "Wasn't your birthday in April? And wasn't Chloe's birthday in March?" Why yes...yes they were. But hey...better late than never, right?

Here is Chloe opening her gifts after she got up from her nap.

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She got markers (a mom's best friend) and watercolor paints (even MORE fun!!) and some crayons. I guess the crayons are part of the whole "theme" of the package because she also got a book called Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. If you would like a cute book for your kids, this is it. Simple but imaginative. I love it. Makes me want to read more of them. (think the library might have some???)

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And ya'll remember the lovely teapot/teacup I showed you yesterday. That was in the same package.

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That teacup could have been the reason for the huge box filled with peanuts. Yes...I did say peanuts! Those tiny styrofoam pieces invented by someone who didn't have kids to give to thier arch-enemy who did have kids.

What started out as fun and games...

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...turned choatic in a matter of seconds. You all know that dear little Chloe has a fascination with climbing into things...boxes, tubs, pillowcases; pretty much anything you can think of. Well, I thought it wouldn't be so bad to let her climb into that box. WRONG! I don't know where my brain went that day, but it wasn't in my head, obviously.

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After having dumped out the box of peanuts it was only a matter of seconds before the entire living room floor was carpeted in peanuts. Oh...but it didn't stop there. More fun was to be had. Yes, indeed. Running through the peanuts around the coffee table. If you don't have children you may not know this next fact, so consider this a warning.


So, now I have been plotting revenge on my darling sister. (who has three delightful children of her own.)Ah yes...you can see where I am going with this one, can't you??? Imagine this...

Christmas morning, three little youngsters each get a gift from thier Aunt Anna who happens to live far away. They open thier giant box and what do they find inside??? Ahhh ha ha ha ha...revenge is good!!! Revenge is good!!! And my darling little sister can't take the peanuts away because, after all, they were a gift from thier favorite Auntie Anna. Ahhh...the sound of that is delightful!

But do you think I can do something like that? No...I don't think I have it in me. The peanuts were cleaned up by Chloe and James and I then vacumned and she did send me that gorgeous little teacup/teapot so no...all is well with me. They will most likely get some cute little dress-up clothes or something from thier beloved Auntie. Its just nice to dream about though....


Brandy said...

LOL! Aw, come on now, wouldn't YOU like to play in those peanuts? Of course, cleaning that stuff up is a PAIN! My mom likes to send me packages with those darn things in them too.

Lady_MSnow said...

I too hate peanuts. It seems the children always find them when they are in the house! :o)