Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Was it Worth it??

My legs are covered in huge, itchy spider and mosquito bites. The bug spray didn't work. (Guess I should have re-applied it after the shower. That might have helped) I have been applying anti-itch cream like crazy today. I am prone to bites and the bites I get always seem much bigger than bites on anyone else. James even agrees. He thinks maybe I am more allergic to bugs or something. Who knows. All I know is that they itch something fierce.

So, was it worth it? Are these terrible bites a sufficient price to pay for a weekend camping in the wild woods? (not so wild since it was only about an hour from our house...about 30 minutes outside of the city...and about 2 minutes from the local town/highway) I would have to say YES!!! This weekend was just about perfect. The weather was outstanding. It couldn't have been any better. We even said that while we were there. It was THE best camping weather you could ever have.

I haven't felt this relaxed in...I don't know how long. It felt so refreshing. So quiet. So peaceful. We just were. Just James, Chloe and I...together. No phones. No computers. No tv's. It just felt good. We went fishing, bike riding, walking. We played games, listened to James play the guitar and built campfires. We ate hot dogs, baked beans and smore's. Did you know that there is something better than smore's? I never knew it until the second night we were there.

I was busy gathering the neccessary supplies for making smore's. Graham crackers, marshmallows and...oh yes...CHOCOLATE. Can't forget the chocolate. I dug into the cooler and lifted out the package of Hershey's chocolate bars. (silly me bought two packages thinking there were only 3 in a package and that you needed half of a bar to make a smore. WRONG. There are SIX in a package and you only need a quarter of one to make a smore...so we have a whole package left and another 3/4 package of candy bars - they are in the freezer for the next camping trip...or the next chocolate binge, whichever comes first)

Well, as I was pulling out the chocolate bars from the cooler, I saw the package of reeces peanut butter cups sitting snugly below the chocolate bars. I lifted them up and hollered to James to take a look. He just nodded with a grin on his face and we experimented. All I have to say is YUM!!! Now I am not a huge fan of reece's peanut butter cups. I will eat one if there is no other form or sugar around. But I have to tell you, using this in a smore was simply divine. I have never tasted a smore so good. The toasted marshmallows melted the thin chocolate on the reece's so it was dripping out of the graham cracker sandwich. Ummm.

We went fishing a couple of times while we were there. The last time (Sunday night)we let Chloe fish. James cast his pole and then had me hold it so he could cast Chloe's pole. Yes. We have a pole for Chloe. We had great fun playing with her too. It had a plastic fish attached to the line and James would cast it into the camp driveway and let Chloe chase it while he reeled it in. She thought this was a riot and we ended up doing this over and over everytime we sat down at the picnic table.

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Back to the real fishing though. I was holding James pole for the couple of minutes it took him to bait Chloe's hook and cast it. In that little amount of time I got a bite on my hook and I reeled in my first catch.

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Just a tiny little thing that we threw back. Well, by then I was hooked and I caught about 3 more fish. I even caught a teeny little catfish. James got a bite on the Barbie fishing pole (we didn't think that pole would actually catch anything) and he had Chloe reel it in.

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She was so excited. James tried to get her to pet the fish but she wasn't having none of that. She like the reeling in and jumping around because she caught one, but she was not about to touch the thing.

James was having so much luck with the Barbie pole that he kept fishing with it and let me continue on with his. A little while later he exclaimed, "I got a HUGE bite! This is a biggun!" And lo, and behold, it was the biggest fish any of us caught that day.

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It was a catfish. Caught with a Barbie fishing pole designed for a 3 year old. At least we know it works. These catfish are funny though. They make a little, sort of squeeking noise...I can't describe it. Both of them did it. We have never heard catfish make this noise before. It was weird.

Okay, so here is a picture of our campsite.

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It wasn't much but we had a blast. I really enjoyed our time away. Here I am sitting by the campfire with Chloe.

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And here is a cute picture of Chloe. When we first got to the campsite, she got out of the car and started investigating the area. She found the nearest tree and attempted to climb it.

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I hope you all had a great labor day weekend as well. Have a wonderful new week!


B said...

Oh It does look like a wonderful weekend! I am so glad that you were able to get away and have a great time together!

Lady_MSnow said...

Looks like you had a great time. I long to go camping again. As for the smores...yep...we love adding peanut butter to ours. The whole family loves it! ;) As for a child's fishing pole catching a bigger fish...I have done that. I had a snoopy fishing pole when I was about 7 or 8 and I caught the biggest fish out of 10 people that night. Go figure. :)