Friday, October 05, 2007

Grapes are Going Out of Style!

At least it appears that way in our house for that's the way my family eats them. I can buy a bunch of grapes (and a large bunch at that) and they are gone within an hour or two. But boy, oh boy, they do make such a wonderful snack. They are sweet so they curb my sweet tooth's natural tendancies towards refined sugar and they come ready to eat. No microwaving required. (or peeling, or chopping or anything else that would inhibit my motivation for healthy eating)

And speaking of healthy eating, I drank more of that green tea stuff today. It really is not all that bad. Maybe my body is craving it, I don't know, but I find myself making a second cup soon after I have had my first. I beg of you...please don't get any silly notions of me though. I am NOT giving up my PG Tips nor my Chai Spice...nor any other perfectly fine cup of caffinated deliciousness. Nor am I going to flood my body with every kind of green tea imaginable. BUT, I think I will continue to drink this tea. In one day it seems to be helping. ( much as I can tell after one day, which is not much)

Yes. It could be that...or it could be the fact that I am adopting a new method. I got the idea from flylady. She claims, "You can do anything for 15 minutes". So, I put this into practice today. I set my timer for 15 minutes and I cleaned. Then, when the timer went off, I was released from duty and I sat down. While sitting I wrote emails, checked my forum, wrote part of a chapter of the Bible, wrote part of this post or other things that involved sitting. (yes...crochet DOES count and I did that too)

Funny thing is, I actually had the energy to do this. It wasn't so bad. If I tried to go for longer than 15 minutes though, I could feel it in my body that I needed to sit down. Can you believe I am that run down? I am that tired? Not today though. I felt better today. Maybe its the tea. Maybe its all your prayers for me. Maybe...just maybe I won't have to go to the dr about this.

Okay. So maybe that's just dreaming. I know I need to go. This is something that has been happening for over 2 years now and it just keeps getting worse. The past month it has gotten unbearable so, I better get to that dr.

Anyways, I have more work to do...for we are having company over tonight to watch the baseball game. GO YANKEES!!! Even though they lost last night we still have faith. We believe in our team!!! Maybe later I will show you something (or somethings) I recieved in the mail yesterday that has me drooling all over myself again.

Have a great day everyone!


Lady_MSnow said...

What did you get...I wanna see! :D

Bella said...

Post your pictures!! :) We wanna see what kind of treats you got in the mail! I'm glad you've had a better couple of days, cutie pie :)

Daughter of the King said...

how are you feeling???

laralou said...

I hope you are feeling better. I miss reading your blog.

busyHSmom said...

Come back! Come back! Hope you will be back to your blog soon!!

Brandie said...

Hey girl ... where have you been? It occurred to me today that I haven't seen you updated on bloglines recently so I had to hop over, and you really aren't posting :-(
I miss your posts and hope to see you back soon!

Christine said...

Thinking of you, and praying for you!