Monday, November 19, 2007

Skirts, Petticoats and Bloomers

I have a question for all of you out there who wear skirts/dresses everyday. I have only been doing so for a short time (since summer) and I am beginning to wonder what you all wear in the wintertime to keep your legs warm. Summertime was no problem. Skirt, pantyhose (or even...egads!!!! barefoot...shhh...I didn't say that) and sandels and you are good to go. But now that winter is upon is and the temperature has drastically dropped, I need to know how to keep my little legs warm.

Would you believe that I am this close to crocheting me up some leggings? HORRORS! But yes. My legs are getting quite cold. I have my stockings on and also wear some thick, cozy socks around the house. (because shoes are evil, I choose not to wear them unless I have to. Don't tell flylady...I doubt she would approve.)

Another temptation of mine is to crochet me up some bloomers...kind of like the ones I make for Chloe. Would that be terrible? I saw the beautiful lady on "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" wearing them the other why can't I? They were adorable and I am extremely tempted.

I guess a better solution would be a petticoat or thick slip of some sort. Is this what you all do? If so, what material do you use? Keep in mind that I like LONG skirts...down to my the wintertime, so it couldn't be anything too terribly thick...or it would be too heavy. Any ideas anyone? I would love to know what you all do.


Lady_MSnow said...

I can tell you that when I am at home it is nice to wear thermal underwear/leggings and such. When I go out I usually have one a slip and some spandex shorts underneath to prevent drafts in unwanted places. Depending on what you wear a flannel slip is good too. :D

Christine said...

Though I do not always wear skirts I do wear them usually at least a few days a week. I like wearing long skirts too, so legging type things work for me. I wear the little sock pantyhose with them, so no one is the wiser for what is keeping me warm. Actually, legging material keeps me warmer than pants.(I am usually cold, by nature, too.) It is amazing.Blessings, dear friend!

busyHSmom said...

I am no longer a skirt/dress only person, but I was! I lived in Michigan at the time, in an old farmhouse, and it could get COLD!! Flannel slips are nice, and if they cling to your leggings or stockings, layer a slippery slip between. Leggings, stockings or long underwear are a must. I got some SILK pointelle long underwear from either Land's End or LLBean and it was worth every penny. They were designed like stirrup pants and I could put a pair of socks right over them and nobody even knew they were there but me. Even though they were not thick or bulky, they really helped keep me warm. I have had them for well over 10 years now, so they last!

I also had some long cotton underwear that went to the knee. They were made like biker's shorts. They were nice too.

Also, I highly recommend wool socks. It is amazing how much warmer they are than other fibers.

Oh, and why not crochet yourself some leg warmers. They would be CUTE!

laralou said...

I found some footless tights at Walmart (George brand, nude color) that are so comfortable. They end just below the bottom of my knee and keep my legs warm when a gust of wind hits. I had some other capri footless tights, but they were clearly for lowriding bottoms and kept pulling my undies down. HTH!