Monday, January 28, 2008

All Cozy and Purple-y

Since I finished quite a few WIP's last week I felt like I should reward myself with a new project so I pulled out some purple Simply Soft yarn and got to work. I am involved in yet another swap (been a long time since I was in one of those) and thought I would make my partner a mug cozy. Not just any cozy, mind you...MY cozy. (Can I tell you just how much I love this pattern? So quick, so easy and yet so....cozy??? No, thats too cheesy. Yet so stylish. Yes. That's it. Stylish)

So, I made one.


Then I was left with a mostly full skein of purple yarn and pondered on that situation for a few minutes. What was left for me to do except make a few more cozies? (perfectly logical conclusion, I must say)


And there you have it. Loads of cozies. What am I going to do with them, you ask? Well, most likely I will put them into my Boutique. I've been thinking and contemplating this weekend over the idea of peddling my wares to some local venues. Craft shows maybe...quite possibly some Boutiques. This endeavor would mean that I would have to have quite a large amount of "stuff" in stock. Stuff to take with me to sell. addition to building up my Boutique, I do believe I will seek out some sort of place to sell locally. Of course, as many of you may already know, I lack the trait of courage. Naturally shy and a bit of a I mean "homebody", I tend to grow faint (and sometimes most of the time queazy) at the thought of talking to strangers. Its a daunting thing, strangers know? Anyways, while I mull that idea over in my head (and try to figure out a way to sell to local businesses without having to ever talk to anyone) I will continue on in the designing.

Update on the Winter Wonderland Ensemble: The dress is done! Okay. Sort of done. I finished it but will need to re-do the trim on one sleeve. (and no...I am not going to show you until I get it re-done) You see...I bought a different brand of thread that was similar in color and figured that if it was only on one sleeve then it wouldn't be noticably different. Well, that brand's thread quality is sub-par and wouldn't you know it but the color is completely different than the last ball of thread I bought from them. Drats. (yes...same dyelot and everything) So, needless to say, this dress will not be shown until I can get my hands on the right thread. (and the right brand) I will begin working on some sort of head covering to go with the dress. I have in my head something truly unique and different and totally "cool" but I am a little unsure if the integrity of the ensemble's style will be maintained if I use this idea that is in my head. So, my other option would be a bonnet. Hmmm...I love bonnets. Its very do-able. Which is why everyone else designs bonnets too. Which is the very reason why I would want to do the idea in my head. Never seen anything like that before...

Well seems I have got my brain all confuzzled-like and not at all cozy-like as the title of this post implies. I must be going now to see if I can remedy the situation with a cup of coffee (decaf...which I should probably NOT be drinking since I discovered that even decaf coffee keeps me awake at night) and a brownie. I baked brownies today. James tasted them and asked (had the gall to ask) if they were from a box. What??? Doesn't he know me by now? Ahhhh...but from James, this is a compliment. Not from anyone else, but from him? Yes. He grew up on boxed, fake food and he much prefers that (weird, eh?) to homemade from scratch food. I, on the other hand, cannot cook from a box. It is impossible. It would be like asking me to change my eye color or something. Very difficult to do. So, for me...its a huge compliment when he says that my homemade from scratch food tastes like it came from a box. Anyways, I am off to taste one of these delicious brownies, drink my decaf coffee and contemplate my next project. (bonnet? or WIP?) I hope you all have a wonderful evening!


Bella said...

I love your teacup cozy with the the little teapot button!! Absolutely adorable! :)

Lady_MSnow said...

Love the cozies.....sure you swap buddy will love it. And I can not wait to see the dress!

Christine said...

How precious!