Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Resolve

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope your 2008 is filled with many wonderful blessings and thankful hearts to enjoy those blessings. Our 2008 started off with a great success. Well...don't know if that describes it very well, but we had a delightful day today. We stayed home and didn't do much of anything. My sister called and asked what we were doing and I said, "Hanging out" and she asked, "What are you doing while you are hanging out?" to which I replied, "Nothing. I am literally just hanging out". And that was the truth. For most of the morning I just sat on the couch and watched Chloe play.

Of course, I did finish my puzzle today. Right on time, too. How amazing was that?


It is missing a piece right smack dab in the middle. Can't complain much though since we inherited the puzzle for free from Elijah's barrel at church. It did bring me hours upon hours of amusement. (or muddlement...depending on how you look at it) James even helped, that he did. And not the last peice either. (since that piece was missing and all...) He sat down a couple of times this week and put a few pieces in. Then he spent this morning with me working on it. Ahhhh...what a guy. Need I tell you that he hates puzzles? He doesn't see the point. Frankly, I don't either except that I really enjoy putting them together and they remind me of my grandfather.

Anyways, I thought I would share with you all a couple of resolutions I have written for the New Year. Its that time of year again and hey...at least I try, right?

~ I resolve to read my Bible every day

~ I resolve to pray daily for my husband and daughter

~ I resolve to send every single member of our family a birthday card this year.

~ I resolve to wash my dishes after every single meal every time

~ I resolve to lose that last 15 pounds of pregnancy fat before I get pregnant again. (which I am hoping happens in a couple of weeks so I don't have much time, do I?)

~ I resolve to feed more veggies to Chloe (and eat more myself)

~ I resolve to memorize one book of the Bible in entirety

~ I resolve to finish all WIP's in my sewing/craft room

~ I resolve to finish my quilt I started about 6 years ago (in case I don't finish all the WIP's...I at least wanna finish this one)

And I have more resolutions but I will spare you the 3 page list. (just kidding...its not 3 pages...) We don't really have any big plans this year. We were hoping to get to England this year but I don't think we are going to make it. The biggest thing happening for us is that James is deploying for four months this summer. I am okay with this, but am a tad bit sad since he will miss our wedding anniversary. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do? It is our tenth anniversary and we had always said we would take a cruise for our tenth since we didn't have a honeymoon. I am a little disappointed that we don't get to be together for the date, but I will get over it. Life goes on.

We are planning on going to New York for my birthday in April. I guess that's the other "BIG" thing happening. If I can't go to England or the Bahamas, go to New York, right? I am saving my money for some shopping in Manhatten and then we will head up to Niagara Falls. So, James hasn't okayed this trip yet...but he didn't say no. (which means yes if nothing goes wrong)

So, that is pretty much all that passed through my lazy brain today. I really hope you all had a wonderful day in which to praise the Lord for the blessing of another year. Happy New Year everyone!


Lady_MSnow said...

Your resolutions sound wonderful...sure hope you can go to New York. :D

Adrienne said...

Good for you. Your resolutions look very attainable! I wish you luck. That book looks wonderful! Way over my head I'm sure - too many directions to follow :) Hope you get your travel wish.

Bella said...

Your list is great, and I hope you accomplish all that you have planned for yourself. Now... about this New York trip.. WHEN are you going??? ooohh I've got plans to make now because I can be there too, and hop over the border to see you!!!!! yay wouldn't that be the best?! The Falls are only an hour from my mom's house. One word of advice though, if you do make it to the Falls, make sure you go over to the Canadian side, it's a hoot over here. There are tons of cheesy wax museums of stars and Ripley's Believe it or not, great restaurants, and fun stuff to see. You'd find it lots of fun! My resolution so far is to get on Romans with you. I never make resolutions, but this one I know I can accomplish :)

Amity said...

Very good resolutions!!
I LOVE doing puzzles, but I have not done one in years...perhaps I will pick one up the next time I go to the store :-)