Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Wonderland Preview

Finally! She crochets!!! Yes. You may have been wondering if I still crochet since it has been so very long since I have shown you anything that even resembles crochet. I am happy to tell you that I do. I have been working on this next item for well over a month. The design idea has been rattling around somewhere in my brain for over 2 years. I had the name and idea for this dress before I even had the name for my business picked out. (that name would be Lullabies and Lace...which my dear sister helped me come up with) I figured it was about time to start designing this thing. So...I did. And it is taking me a little longer than I anticipated. Simply from the fact that I have been reading tons of books, sewing tons of dresses, baking tons of bread, playing with tons of toys and all sorts of other things that come into my day by the ton-ful. That fact and that fact alone is why I have not spent a ton of time crocheting lately.

This week I have put that to a stop though. The hook came out of hiding, the dress came out of the WIP basket and the couch has become my home. And see what I have to show for it???


Of course you can't, because this is just a preview. Preview means "suspense". I love keeping you all in suspense which is why my preview only previews a portion of the item I am actually showing you. This way you will drool and pace and shout at your computer until I finish the dress and show you the whole thing. Then again, the other issue is the dress is incomplete. I can't possibly show you the whole dress because the rest of it is in my head (and still in a ball of thread in a store somewhere).

And since I can't show you that and because I love you all so very much, I will show you something else instead. I have finally (and finally is the understatement of the day) taken a decent picture of my Sweetheart Lace Ensemble. Only thing is no longer called Sweetheart Lace Ensemble. A new name is being voted on as I type.


When taking pictures for a new design, I take about 30 or 40 pictures. It is hard to get the "perfect" picture where my lovely daughter looks pretty and the dress is showing its best features. Toddlers (who are quickly becoming preschoolers) are fairly busy little boogers so they have the tendancy to NOT sit (or stand) still for longer than 3 seconds. (if that) Then, after the 30-40 pictures are taken, comes the decision time. I sit in front of the computer and sift through all 30-40 pictures to pick the best one. That is how I happened to pick the one above. While Chloe is being silly, I thought this picture was perfect because it has "personality" written all over it. Who would NOT want to buy that pattern (or the dress, for that matter) with a face like that?

My favorite feature of this ensemble has to be the headband. I just love the special touch it adds to the whole ensemble. A little bit victorian, don't you think?


So now we come to the naming of this dress. As I mentioned before, it is no longer named Sweetheart Lace. The idea in my head for Sweetheart Lace was this same dress but in thread. I still plan to make this dress in thread and when I do, it will be called Sweetheart Lace. That leaves me stuck with no name for this dress.

I decided to add it to my Nursery Ryhme Collection so I asked my tester's to come up with some names. Dear Amy took one look at it and said "CurlyLocks, CurlyLocks". Well, me, being the weirdo that I am, decided to take it a step further. Here is my list of possible names for this dress. I leave it up to you all to vote on the name you like the best. (as my testers are voting on my forum too)

#1 ~ Little Lacy Curlylocks Ensemble
#2 ~ Lacy Little Curlylocks Ensemble
#3 ~ Little Curlylocks Lace Ensemble
#4 ~ Curlylocks Lace Ensemble

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