Friday, February 22, 2008

Cowboy Candy Bars and Other Things

Its Friday. Most normal people would be celebrating today, and for good reason too. Its the last day of the week, tomorrow is the weekend, 2 whole days of freedom. Who wouldn't want to celebrate that?

For some reason though, I don't like Fridays. Don't get me wrong. I love weekends with James. This weekend starting tonight will be particularly exciting. We have a theater show to go to tonight (our friend's daughter is acting in it) and then tomorrow we will be heading out to see a maple sugaring. Fun, right? So what is my problem?

I have no clue as to the why's of this, but I always wake up on Friday dog tired. Maybe its the long week I've had. Maybe its all in my head. I don't know, but I have an extremely hard time getting out of bed on Fridays. Worse than other day, because getting out of bed can be a very difficult thing to do on any morning, not just Friday. I have yet to figure out why my issue is Fridays. I am also prone to headaches on Fridays. Another weird one that I simply cannot figure out. (nor have I tried)

Anyways, seeing as how its Friday and all, I thought I would share a little update with you on our second week of homeschooling. We had a delightful week, Chloe and me. Perfectly delightful. We learned about jungles. It took Chloe 3 days before she would acknowledge that any of the pictures I showed her were, in fact, jungles. No, she claimed they were trees. Simply trees, with a sly, mischievous grin on her face. What a crackup this kid is. I knew that she knew what it was, she just refused to admit it to me. She has yet to admit that vines are indeed vines. They too are simply trees, also with a sly, mishievous grin.

But, on a good note, I found her counting last night. I never taught her how to count. Oh...well...I guess in a way I did, because as any mother of toddlers will tell you, once you have a toddler in your midst for any extended period of time you find yourself counting everything out loud. From walking up stairs to putting blocks into the toybox, everything becomes a counted game. I don't know why we mothers do this (or any caregiver of toddlers for that matter) but somehow it must work, for Chloe counted out my styrofoam balls last night, much to my surprise. She counted all the way to eight, by herself, with no prompting from me. Then she skipped to ten. Then back to five.

Her fine motor skill for today was to hide an elephant in the grass. I cut out the grass for her and this is what she created.


As you can see, it took her a while to grasp the concept that grass goes up and down, not horizontal. But she came to that conclusion on her own, so I am quite proud of her.

I must say that after our second week of school, I am much more comfortable with her abilities in it. She is getting used to it and actually enjoying it. Yes, she is. She knows whats coming now and she smiles and grins and does it willingly and cheerfully. We have alot of fun. (she really liked this elephant project)

So, I mentioned in my last post that I was to make some Cowboy Candy Bars. I did it. Now I am having my tea.


The Cowboy Candy Bar tastes quite good. Wanna know something weird about me? I love peanut butter. Its one of my favorites. I love chocolate. Its another one of my favorites. I love desserts with peanut butter and chocolate together. (as is the case in these Cowboy Candy Bars) Ready for the weirdness? I don't like Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. Nope. I will eat them if I am desperate for sugar, but I will never choose them if something else better lies within my reach. (meaning two mile radius)

Anyways...about these Candy Bars. The recipe called for crunchy peanut butter but since I didn't have any I used creamy instead. Worked just fine. When I went to retrieve the chocolate chips fro my cupboard, lo and behold, I only had white. So, I used those instead of regular. These candy bars turned out delicious anyways. What a clever idea. One thing troubled me though. The recipe said to mix the base "just as you would a pie" with no other explaination. That would have been fine if the ingredients had been similar to that of a pie crust. But no. This was oatmeal and corn syrup and butter and brown sugar. Now tell on earth do you cut that together? It didn't work very well. But I got it done and it tastes wonderful.

So now I must update you on my Things. I am so far behind on updates with this so beware...there will be many things listed here and not alot of info about each one. (I don't want this post getting too terribly long now, do I?) The Candy Bars were my thing for today so that would make them Thing #22. Now I will start back on Thing 15. (remember, I had to skip Thing 14 because my Chocolate Lace Eggs flopped)

Thing 15 (which you've already seen in my Winter Wonderland Post)

Thing 16 (I was sick all day Saturday with a migraine so I actually did Thing 16 on Day 17)

I installed coat hooks on the wall and hung my aprons from them. Doing this cleared up a whole half a drawer that I can now fill with other nonsensical gadgetry. James doesn't like it and claimed that it makes the kitchen look cluttered, to which I replied that it was MY kitchen and since I am the one who stands in it for more than half the day every day that doesn't it stand to reason it should be laid out in the manner best suited to me?

He left.

Thing #17 (done at the same time as Thing #16)

The other half of the drawer now hangs on my new rack installed on the cabinet door under the sink. My only problem now is what am I going to fill this drawer with?

Thing #18

Now we move on to the cupboards. I installed little cuphooks along the bottom of the shelf and as you can see, hung some cups from them. This didn't clear up as much space as I was hoping it would, but oh well. Looks good anyways.

Thing #19
I don't actually remember what Thing #19 was so I will have to get back to you on that one after I browse through my photo organizer. (where I am sure the picture of that Thing is)

Thing #20
I don't have a picture of Thing #20 because its not something you can take a picture of. I went through all our photo files from the past 3 years (yes...from the time Chloe was born until the summer we moved here) and renamed the folders and moved all the pictures into different folders. This took me about 4 hours. So I know this "Thing" thing is only supposed to take 45 minutes but once I got started, I had to continue until it was done. Thats the logical thing to do.

Thing #21

This is my Mother Daughter apron set I designed...oh...last fall or something. Anyways, the funny thing is...I crocheted my own design wrong. What? Aren't I the designer? How can I crochet my own design wrong? Well, leave it to me, I did. The adult skirt didn't have the right amount of increases so it looked funny. (and didn't fit around my legs properly) I re-crocheted it for Thing #21. Yay! And since I finished my something new (the Winter Wonderland Ensemble) I needed to work on a WIP next so it was this apron. The pattern made it through testing already so it should go up on the site by the beginning of March. (I know some of you have been waiting for it)

I am off now to play Jaguar Horse with Chloe - a game in which we take turns acting like a Jaguar followed by a horse and back and forth like that. Its her new favorite game now that we learned what a Jaguar was this week. Its quite a fun game of prancing around the house, bouncing off the furniture and you really should hear Chloe winney. Her "neeeiiighhh" beats all. (and cracks me up everytime) Have a wonderful evening everyone.


Lara said...

Wow! You have been super busy. I am totally impressed and cannot wait to make matching aprons for the girls and I in March!

catheryn said...

I love your schooling with Chloe. For many years I was the teacher of the 2 year old preschoolers at the local First Baptist Church. Isn't it amazing how their little brains just soak up everything? You shall enjoy this so much and you will be amazed how everything you do is a learning experience for Chloe.
Funny story....when Bobby and I married, I became an instant grandmother. What a joy.....the oldest grandson was 2 at the time. So of course I would work quite diligently with him. We would dance, and sing, and do finger plays. Color and draw and all the usual things. But when it came time to learn the alphabet, we would recite first in English and then, just for fun, in Greek. It wasn't too awfully long before Adam, when coming down the stairs, instead of saying one, two, three, etc. was saying alpha, beta, gamma!
How cute is that? But it just shows how much they really hear of what you are saying!!
Now that your Friday is almost done, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Bella said...

Well aren't you a busy bee?! Everything looks wonderful. The teacups look sweet hung there. Great idea to put your aprons all on that wall, it makes them so easy to reach for when you're in there working. lol If James knows what's good for him, he won't tell you how to organize "your" space. That's where all his goodies are made~he really shouldn't mess with a good thing!! You're doing a great job. You are super girl!!