Friday, February 08, 2008

Modeling Hairsticks

I still cannot get over how gorgeous these hairsticks and earrings from Blue Moon Artistry are. Stunning. Elegant. Pink. They really are gorgeous. I decided to take a picture of myself wearing them today before I head out with a girlfriend to go coffee/tea shopping and then hit the amish market. (where I hope to find some yummy jam and loose leaf tea)


You can't see the hairsticks or earrings very well in the photo, but they are there none-the-less. I love them. LOVE them. Thank you again Amy and Michele. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness and generosity. You both are treasures from the Lord.


Michele/BlueMoonArtistry said...

They look lovely on you!

Bella said...

You are absolutely beautiful!! The sticks and earrings are a perfect match to your personality.

I wonder if Michele could make hair sticks with Raspberry Cordial bottles on the end? ;)

You look perfect, have a wonderful time this morning. xo

Lady_MSnow said...

Those hair sticks are absolutely gorgeous. Let us know how the trip to the market goes. :D