Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh No!

We don't watch much television in our house. We have a television but its seldom on. When we do watch it, we usually watch a movie on the dvd player. James does love his sports though, which is the sole reason we have cable television. We watch pretty much every sport known to mankind. Most are not on a regular basis...who really follows jump roping anyways...HONESTLY! (we have watched it on occasion because they really are quite good at it)

Anyways, the other night I happened to see that Pollyanna was on television. I loved this movie as a little girl and have been dying to watch it lately. Everytime we go to the rental store though, Chloe picks out something else...she seems to have a thing for the Aristocats. We were able to catch half of Pollyanna the other night. Now, let me remind you that we don't watch television aside from that is what Chloe is used to. She knows sports tv and knows what happens when. It was different the other night. Way different.

There we were...mother and daughter...sitting on our couch watching our movie when all of a sudden I hear,

CHLOE: "Oh No!"

ME: "What. Sweetheart?"

CHLOE:"Oh No! Broken!" (pointing to the television set)

ME: "Its not broken, honey. Its a commercial."

CHLOE: "Oh No."

I think it would be good for me to explain here that this dialog is very similar to our "cd is skipping and won't play" dialog. She continued repeating this for each and ever commercial break during the whole movie. Towards the end I replied that it was indeed extremely annoying to have your movie cut off right in the middle of a good part to watch some mop on trial in a court of law. I felt for her. I really did.

Well, I am off now. I will try to get another couple of posts here for you soon. I have some things to show you. *wink*

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Mary said...

How funny! I can totally relate to Chloe. We watch alot of TV on DVD here, so when I first went home to the states, commercials sort of took me by suprise in the middle of my program! I love how you sympathized with her.