Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prince Charming

As a little girl, I used to dream that I was a princess. This was easier for me because I was adopted and somehow I just knew that my birth parents were somehow tied to royalty. I just knew it. Now, I was not a very "girly" girl growing up. I didn't wear the frilly, lacy dresses (like my little girl wears) because my parents couldn't afford them. We wore simple, homemade clothes that were quick and easy to make. We also wore alot of hand-me-down clothes given to us by families in the church. I was a tomboy and wore my clothes out. We were the kind of kids who didn't mind getting dirty. We would climb onto the roof of our barn/garage and jump off. We would play in the chicken coop (when it was chicken free, of course) and we also had a tree house in the back alfalfa field. This tree house was so cool. Along the fence line of the property was an old rock wall that was crumbling and falling down. This rock wall was completely overgrown with trees and shrubs (of which I have no clue what are). It was the perfect place to play. And can you believe that my parents let me go barefoot out there? Yup. I used to run around the alfalfa field barefoot. (This girl does NOT like to wear her shoes. Oh...I like shoes...I just don't like wearing them.)

Anyways, even while I was tomboying around, I would dream that I was a princess. More for the royalty treatment that I felt I deserved than for anything else. I wanted to be waited on hand and foot. I wanted to climb trees instead of setting the kitchen table or chopping vegetables for salad. I felt that these chores were beneath my "royal status".

Now that I have a little girl I am beginning to see more of this "princess wannabe" attitude everywhere. It is much different from my princess wannabe attitude. This one is pink. (which is lovely...perfectly lovely) And its girly. And its...well...its mostly Disney, I thinkand fairytale-like. But the attitude is there.
I am a princess and I expect to be treated like one.

We even see this in Christian books. (not that its wrong, mind you) We are God's Little Princesses. Right? we are grown up. We are married and have families and homes. But that attitude is still there. How many of us want our husbands to treat us like princesses? Oh yes. I know you are out there. I'm not the only one. We want the chocolate...the flowers...the undying devotion. We want it all. And aren't we entitled to it? I mean, after all, we are God's children and God is the King, right? That makes us princesses. So, why aren't our husbands treating us like the princesses we are?

Let's turn the tables a little bit. What about our husbands? Surely, if we are princesses, they must be princes. Right? They are royal too. (although I doubt they dreamt of being fairytale princes when they were 9 years old) Do we treat our husbands like a Prince? Honestly? When they walk in the door after a hard day of work (and yes...even working in a stuffy office all day is physically draining...and emotionally...and mentally) what greets them? A grouchy wife who complains about the leaky faucet in the bathroom and the tantrum from the kid who is now sitting on their bed waiting for their "father to get home"? A house filled with clutter and choas? Dirty laundry on the floor, clean laundry covering the couch, dishes piled in the sink and counter, toys strewn from one corner to the other? Is this the sort of palace your Prince comes home to?

If a real prince walked in your door right would you greet this man? Instant awe, instant respect. It would not matter whether you agreed with his politics or management of his country...just his title alone would deem respect and you would give it to him. The fact that he graced your doorstep would be enough to send you to cloud nine. Why is it not so for the men we married? Why do we not treat them with the respect God has place upon them?

I have been thinking about this sort of attitude the past couple of days. Instead of focusing on myself and what my husband should be doing for me, I have tried to focus on my husband and what I can be doing for him. So, I ask you. What can you do for your husband to treat him like royalty. I would love some ideas in the comments section.

I started a new thing this week. My husband loves it when I wear makeup. I don't wear it very often because I don't like it and it takes too long to put on. (can you tell I am lazy?) But he really gets a kick out of it and finds me attractive when I do wear it. One problem. If I shower in the morning and put my makeup on, by the time he gets home, my hair has been pulled back in a ponytail and the makeup is all rubbed off. In order to look good again, I would need a re-shower. So...I put my "Prince Charming" attitude to work and came up with a solution. I have started showering in the afternoon during Chloe's naptime. Most of my major cleaning chores are done, so my hair will stay nice. James comes home shortly after that so my makeup is fresh. And guess what! It works. He smiled...I mean really smiled at me when he came home two days in a row. He even told me how beautiful I was. I felt like a princess. And why? Because I had taken the time to make him feel like a Prince. If it were up to me, I just wouldn't wear makeup. But because he likes it and asks me to, I will do it for him. I want to please my Prince Charming.

So, got any other ideas of how we can treat our husbands like royalty?


Lady_MSnow said...

Oh Anna....that is so great that you found a way to make your Hubby happy. :D Putting notes in our hubby's lunches or other things they take to work is a way to make them feel special. My hubby loves it (when I remember to do it. ) :D

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

This is a sweet post and has me smilin'! I think it will different for each guy~I've done the footbath, a million notes he never found in his briefcase, lipstick messages on the morror~but my guy likes *work*. A clean bedroom is at the top of his list, and I think if I learned moreabout home repair he would be soooo blessed! LOL! So just taking over things that might be on a honey-do list would make him feel grand... Sadly, I stink at this area of things~but I'm workin' on it!

My children are in varying stages of their copywork, so I've been here readin' a looong time~LOVE IT ALL! The dress is to die for! but OH how I still love that Thanksgiving one best of all... ~drool~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Karly said...

Greeting your husband at the door and helping him carry his things in. Offering out of nowhere to get him a drink or a snack. Ironing his clothes before he asks you to. Spending time with him doing his hobby. These are just a few I am working on. :)

Anna, I like yours about looking fresh when he comes home. Sadly, this is one I need to work on too. Great post!

catheryn said...

Anna, what an inspiration you are!!!! It constantly amazes me that you are wise to be so young!!! And you are exactly right...
BTW, your newest design is just lovely!!!!

Crochetingangel said...

Anna, these are all things that just as of late I have really looked at myself about. You really hit home here and spoke to me alot with this post and unfortunately my attitude was not as it should've been until just recently but boy what a difference when they are treated like a "Prince" I had also gotten to where I hadn't been wearing my make up either and was just in sweats and such when I wasn't going out. But shouldn't he be able to come home to his wife looking nice for him? Greet him at that door with a hug, kiss and "I love you" or "I missed you". I know Melanie's idea is a wonderful one, as I have just recaptured. If you can maybe you can slip a little something for him into the car before he goes to work, I did a artificial flower and poem which said something to the affect of A flower for you that will never die just as our love will never die, etc. I will definitely be watching this as I am recapturing and learning new things to be doing what I should to be the wife God means me to be

Lara said...

I am always in the ponytail by the end of the day too. I try to refresh both myself and my house (like sandi's dh, my dh values a tidy home) before dh gets home (someone else calls it the 5 o'clock boogie, I think). I try to greet dh with a kiss and an offer to get him a drink or help him with his bags. It is nice to see a reminder that if I am a princess, then he is a prince.

That is one gorgeous dress ensemble! I wish mine were still little enough to pull it off (or that I would get a new little one).

Anna said...

I found your blog from you finding mine at the Homeschool Lounge! That wasn't confusing was it?

I really enjoyed this post and I agreed with it so much. I often times do not look my best by the time my husband comes home. I will get all spiffy to go out and do some errands, but not for him? How does that make any sense? I am going to join you in this and try hard to make sure I look nice for him when he comes home. I used to do this, but lately, I have really let it slide.

Thank-you for the gentle reminder.