Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunflower Bloom Doily

At long last, a doily for you. I don't recall when the last time I completed a doily was...let alone a doily for myself. It would seem that imposing my Anne of Green Gables 37 doily challenge on myself I have withdrawn from crocheting doilies altogether. That has to stop. I love doilies. I need more doilies. I must crochet doilies.

And what better doily to crochet than a good ole Patricia Kristofferson doily, I ask? NONE. There is nothing better than a PK doily. So I present to you Sunflower Bloom from the book Absolutely Gorgeous doilies by Patricia Kristofferson.


I used some vintage Coats and Clark size 30 ecru thread for this doily. I love this thread. Its truly "vintage" in both color and charm. Did I mention that I love this thread? I used a size 10 hook for this one. She turned out quite lovely and just...oh...just so...ummm...Perfect.


I am off now to decide where in my home to put her. I am thinking my built-in bookshelves at the bottom of my stairs.


Lady_MSnow said...

Another exquisite doily. ;D

Brandy said...

Beautiful Anna! I've never crocheted something so intricate or small. You're very talented! As for the pillowcase nighties, I didn't use a pattern. I'm considering doing a tutorial as I've had some interest. But it's really easy I promise!

Ashlie said...

Beautiful doilies Anna! Thanks for the tips about the tea; I just may have to try some of that PG Tips.

Bella said...

It's lovely Anna... you did such a wonderful job on it. Do you have your 37 yet?
BTW it would look really pretty on that bookshelf, then you could admire it everytime you come down the stairs.