Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thing 12

This Thing-A-Day thing has taken on a mind of its own, it would seem. I had planned on spending the whole of week 2 learning the fine art of calligraphy but due to the fact that my calligraphy pen was meant for drawing instead of writing, I have found myself in the kitchen instead. Fascinating.

Why in the kitchen? I could just as easily crochet something up, right? But, then again, I have been working like mad trying to get this Winter Wonderland dress done and I also somehow got sidetracked with finishing that doily yesterday so that would sort of explain why I would be reluctant to start (and finish) yet another crochet project.

But back to the task on hand. To show you what I did make today instead of what I should make, or was going to make, or made yesterday or am in the process of making. Are you ready? Grab a napkin to wipe the drool from your chin because you will be salivating when you see this next picture.

Thing #12

"Ahhhh...that just a cake!" I can hear you saying. But let me say, "Oh, no its not just a cake". That what you see pictured above is a Banana Cake. Ahhh...the drool is beginning to drip...I can see it on your chin. The cake is, of course, frosted in Banana Frosting. (can you frost a banana cake with anything but banana frosting? I highly doubt it. It just doesn't seem right somehow) And since I am eating a piece of it (the piece pictured above) as I type this, I can honestly tell you first hand just how delicious this cake is. I have never made a banana cake before. Whenever we have overly ripe bananas on hand I always whip up some banana bread. Commonplace old banana bread. Let's see....I would have to say that on average I made banana bread about 2 times a month. 2 loaves each. Needless to say after 9 years of marriage, we are getting a little tired of banana bread. So, when I saw the black bananas on the shelf today I decided to go for something different. (to be perfectly honest though...you could probably make the icing and put it on your banana bread and get the same effect. But you know me. Different is different so making a cake, no matter how similar to banana bread it is, means that I have made something "new".

Now do you notice the tea in the picture? Its maple tea. Yup. Maple. This stuff even smells like maple. When I bring the cup up for a sip, I get the feeling I am going to take a swig of pancake syrup. This tea tastes nothing like syrup though, which might throw your mind for a little loop the first drink. My dear friend Amy gave me this tea when she was here visiting last week. You know what that means, don't you? This tea came all the way from Canada. See the cute little french words on the box? That tickled me when I saw that on a Celestial Seasonings box. Thank you Amy for the lovely tea. Its kind of fun drinking maple tea with banana cake. Hmmm...breakfast at 9:30 pm.

I am off to bed now. Good night ya'll. Sweet dreams! I'll have an update on Chloe's schooling for you in the morning.


Lady_MSnow said...

That cake looks delicious!

Bella said...

mmm That cake looks so yummy. I'm glad you are enjoying the tea :) I must get out to buy some more. I've only found it in decaf, but it still tastes so good. Enjoy!