Friday, February 01, 2008

Thing One. A Pink Cozy.

I wanted to show you all my first project for the Thing A Day challenge. A mug cozy for my Boutique. I used simply soft yarn and a cute little rose button.


I gotta figure out how to get this photo on the Thing A Day site. I am also going to add this to my other Thing A Day post. That post will be linked to in my sidebar so we can see all my "thing" in one place.

UPDATE: I have spent the entire day today updating my website. I added...

Little Curlylocks Lace Ensemble for Babies
Little Curlylocks Lace Ensemble for Toddlers
Cables of Winter Skirt Ensemble for Babies
Cables of Winter Skirt Ensemble for Toddlers
Bye Bye Baby Bunting
Cabled Littles Purses
Baby Bottom Bloomers for babies (free pattern)
Baby Bottom Bloomers for Toddlers (free pattern)

Go check them out. You'll be glad you did. I need to get off this computer now. My eyes are going crossed. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


catheryn said...

That is precious.......and thank you for your generous offer for blankets. Instead of sending any to me, make a few for your local children's home or the Department of Social Services. I think this is something everyone needs to do fot there is such need out there. Our social workers are too overworked and stressed and the poor children as just in a pitiful situation. Any help you give them will be more than appreciated!!

Brandie said...

Did you figure out how to get it on thing-a-day?
If not, you just go to the website, at the top click "login" and then click on "write" which will appear after you login near the top of the screen!

Bella said...

Hey sweetie, the site is looking wonderful. Your hard work and determination is certainly paying off!! I'm proud to be a member :)
I LOVE the cozy! You've got me really wanting those now, they were being tested before I was around. I think they are the cutest things, ever! xo

Brandy said...

Those bloomers are adorable! I may have to give that a try. Your website is looking great!