Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little Bit of Weekend Work

WHEW! *swiping sweat off brow* What a weekend!

As many of you have probably already figured out by now, I like to keep busy. I don't think a day goes by in my life where I am not busy with something. Mopping the floor, dusting the ceiling fan, organizing the garden hoses...

So this weekend we decided to install a new closet door on our closet in the basement which previously stood doorless. First we took out the old tracks that in some distant past held doors we never heard tell of. This track was covered by the most disgusting red carpet you have ever seen. After a bit of hard labor we accomplished it.


And the carpetless plank.


Pulling up this carpet let out a most awful stench which I am hoping will dissipate by Saturday. (because Saturday is the PARTY!!! Woooo Hoooo!) And Wa-la!!! After about 3 hours we finally got the doors in and I must say that the basement looks transformed.


Notice those pretty colors on the walls? Those colors were not always there. I did it. Yup! Me, myself and I. You have NO idea how difficult it is to paint an entire basement covered in fake rocks. It must be done by hand. Needless to say, my carpal tunnel has flared up due to this monumental task I have undertaken. BUT, it looks heaps better, don't you think? Here's the old colors.


Try to imagine how dark the basement would be in those dark colors. Not a bright, cheery sort of lair, if you ask me. Much better now though. Yes. Much better. I am still working away at it though. The task is far from over. I am in the middle of painting the trim white around the closet doors and the windows. Oh yes. That's right. Dear and handy-ful James installed new trim around those lovely windows I put in last summer. It looks better too.

Without trim...

And with trim...

Take no notice of the blue painter's tape around the window. That will be gone once I finish painting the trim. One more coat oughta do it. Now...after this project, I think I may tackle the wall coming down into the basement.


That wall presents a diaster. You see, the wall which you cannot see in the picture bears the bruises of careless movers. It would seem that the corner down the stairs is slightly smaller than most of the furniture in the basement, so the movers whacked away at the wall with the furniture just to get it down there. (or up here, since the wall was like that before we moved in) I must borrow a book from the library that teaches how to repair drywall. I aim to repair this wall myself. (an idea I caught onto in the book "Created to be His HelpMeet".)

So, little by little, the house repairs are getting done. I must go now to shower before James gets home. I hope you all have a wonderful day. And those of you with buckets of snow...go enjoy a snowball fight for me. (because I am a little antsy to throw a snowball at James and instigate a little fight, but we have no snow. Schucks)


Lady_MSnow said...

The basement looks great. I much prefer the brown rocks over the red any day. ;)

Crochetingangel said...

I agree the brown walls look much better, you have done a great job. Don't worry, fixing holes and such in drywall really isn't that hard, get a good plaster, a good metal scraper to apply and smooth it. Most repair plasters don't even need sanding now as long as you smooth it out good, sometimes just a light sanding is all you need. You'll do good especially with what all I've seen you do already. I've done alot of plastering, If it's really deep and big hole you will need a screen like type material that they sell for that that you put over the hole then apply the plaster.

We had some good snowball fights here, but then some of it was also shovels of snow rather than just snowballs on Sun. when my daddy was here helping us shovel, lol.

Just little ol'me said...

Another great project Anna, it looks great. I love your choice in colors and everything. Your right it does look better with that color and not the red.

Karly said...

Wow. That rock was RED. You made it look beautiful!

I am humbled by your abilities, and now I think I will drill some holes and put up a curtain rod myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

Bella Rae said...

The basement looks wonderful! What a pretty job. Awesome work on the closet doors, too.
Kim's right about the drywall repair. I've done lots of it as well, and it's actually kind of fun.

catheryn said...

What a great job you are doing down there!!!! We have recently finished our basement, so I know what a chore it is. It looks great!!!

Ashlie said...

Everything looks great Anna! I know how tough it is to get home renovations done...we are slowly but surely still working on ours. I think the roof is next, thank God for tax returns! Have a great day!

Debra said...

Anna, I replied to your email and never heard back- did you get my email? by the way it all looks great..