Friday, May 30, 2008


I can't believe it, but I did! I am so completely and thorougly proud of myself I'm grinning like a cheshire cat. Of course, because of my complete goodness, I am now lacking some very fine and gorgeous fabric that was screaming my name and saying, "make a gorgeous summer dress with me" yesterday. You see...I did what I set out to do. I went to Jo~Ann's and walked out of there with NO fabric in my buggy or my bags or anywhere in the same vicinity as myself. Do you realize how hard this was?

What made this so difficult was probably the fact that I simply HAD to walk past the fabric and TOUCH it. Just to have a look-see. I always have to see the fabric and let it run through my fingers. It whispers to me and says, "I would make a gorgeous dress for you" or "wouldn't I look stunning on you?" or "Chloe would look so sweet wearing this print". I am not very good at telling the fabric to lie still and be quiet. I mean...because quite honestly, the fabric is 98.5% of the time telling me the truth. I can't deny that. Very rarely, I take a second look and ponder a few moments and realize that I am being deceived. The colors aren't really that great or they would make me look pale or sickly. But the rest of the time, what am I to do? Just leave the gorgeous fabric sitting on its bolt between some zebra print and fake fur? Like I have it in me to be that cruel.

I showed great courage yesterday. After the 8 minutes and 17 seconds it took me to punch the numbers in on my calculator, figure the total cost of the dress at $20, feel the softness between my fingers a second time and decide that I did, indeed, have enough money for it I simply turned the buggy around and walked away. No heartache. No tears. No looking back.

Honestly, I am amazed that I did it. I am prone to believe I simply dreamed yesterday up and I must be leaving soon to run my errands. Gosh, I sure hope not. It took me 6 1/2 hours to get them all done. ACK! Uggg. I hate driving.

Anyways, because errand day took extra long yesterday (I won't mention the fact that I stopped by my girlfriend's work and had lunch with her...that wouldn't further my cause) I didn't get much sewing time. When I got home I fell asleep for two hours and woke up to my darling of a husband cooking supper. (one of those meals in a bag we keep in the freezer for emergencies such as this) I did manage to sew the single fold bias tape on the RIGHT side of the nightgowns last night and also to hem the sleeves and case in the elastic. All thats left is to sew in the sleeves and hem the bottom and the three nightgowns are done. Unless I choose to work on these Sunday, they won't be finished until Tuesday.

Part of me feels like I am getting nothing done with my new Summertime Goal and Plan. But I know otherwise. I do know it, but I don't feel it. I have absolutely nothing to show you today. Nothing. (unless you wanna see a picture of half completed nightgowns) But things are getting done. The end goal (which is an organized and peaceful sewing room) will be accomplished. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. Right?

So, I had best be going and work on the Spring Blossom dress today. I figure I can get that one done and maybe the rest of the ensemble too. (and my coffee is getting cold. Another very good reason to get off the puter) I would LOVE to be able to list it in my Esty shop this weekend and on the website too. Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

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