Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rainy Day Blues or Pinks or Greens

Rainy days disappoint me after such gorgeous weather as we've been having lately. I am only thankful that we spent the major part of each day this past week outdoors. Planting flowers, seeds and just doing anything that would get us good and dirty by the end of the day. I just love to take a shower in the evening and watch the mud and dirt slid off. It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and pride, knowing that I have worked hard.

Well, since the rain came down today and created an atmosphere of pure mugginess and un-breathabilityness, I cleaned the house. In the summer of 2002 I found the best website in the world. FLYLADY!!! I immediately joined and let flylady revolutionalize my life. Now, granted, I am a tad bit of a "BO" (born-organized) and flylady doesn't really care for us "BO's" very much. (not that she hates us, she just doesn't understand us) I am of the school that everything could use improvement. No one is the perfect housekeeper. I loved it.

After little Chloe popped into our world, well...things took a downward spiral out of control. Completely out of control. I finally realized this weekend that I don't even have a clean, shiny sink anymore. The very first thing Flylady teaches to do and I wasn't even doing that. So, I decided to get back into it. I am taking baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. I can do anything for 15 minutes and today was awesome. Day four of my "flying" and I was feeling pretty good about all I got accomplished. I made some thank you cards for Chloe's birthday party. (from MARCH...finally)


I took out the trash, vacumned, swept, dusted and tons more piddly little things that would bore you all to death if I listed them here. I even drove to the library and the post office. But the day turned sour at the grocery store. I spent about an hour pushing my buggy around the store, picking out all my groceries and then another half an hour standing in the line, waiting to check out. When I pulled out my card and swiped it the reader said "declined". Now I knew I had money in the account because James had transferred it earlier in the morning. I rushed to the atm and checked my balance. Well, at that moment I remembered that I had paid a fine at the library and also mailed a package to my sister so I no longer had enough money for the groceries. I was so humiliated. I had to tell the clerk (in front of a line of customers) that I would come back later in the day to purchase my groceries. I felt so...ummm...white trash? Like I couldn't even afford groceries with a baby on my hip? I left immediately and drove home. I almost cried as I entered my house. I hate things like this. I don't know why but I always feel so mortified.

Anyways, after such an episode, I needed to do something to lift up my spirits and remind myself of all that I had accomplished this morning and that I was indeed a good person. So, I made a skirt out of some scraps.


Nothing like flowers and lace and pink to cheer you up, eh? The lace at the bottom didn't gather as much as I had hoped it would. I thought I had tons extra but it turned out I didn't. Schucks. Oh still looks cute.


I went the extra mile on this skirt and added some green ribbon over the seam at the bottom. I also added a bow out of the same green ribbon over a tad bit of lace I gathered up to be a little "bob" (of bits and know...)


More lace over the seam at the stomach and the skirt is done. It brought a smile to my face when I finished it so mission accomplished. The day was not in vain.

To make the skirt, I started by cutting strips of fabric about a foot long and approximately 2" wide at the base and 1" wide at the top. After sewing these strips together, I added the top of the skirt. I measured the fabric around my middle and then just cut it to size. It was already the right width that I wanted so it worked perfectly. I gathered the strips section and attached it to the bottom of the top section. Then I folded over the very top and made an elastic waistband. For the bottom trim I cut a strip of the floral fabric and another of some vintage lace my mother gave me a few years back. The lace appears to have been a curtain once. After hemming one side of the floral fabric, I placed it on top of the lace and basted them together. I then gathered it just a hair and attached it the bottom of the skirt. I added the embellishements and presto! A pretty little skirt, full of charm and uniqueness. No one in the world has a skirt like mine!!!

Now I have to tell you...I didn't use a pattern for this skirt. I just made it up as I went along. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted and this skirt is pretty close to that idea. I am sort of amazed at myself for being able to make a skirt without a pattern, but really, its fairly easy.

At the library today I checked out a book called Sew What Skirts. This book is great. It teaches you how to make skirts without a pattern. Fancy that, eh? After I have already made TWO. He he he. But okay then. Now I need to make more because I have this book. Maybe they will turn out better. Maybe not. I think my two skirts are pretty cute.

I am off now to cheer up this kid of mine who, at the moment, is wandering around the room saying, "owwwie, owwwwie" but refuses to show me where she is hurt. She is grasping the blanket to hide whatever "owwwwie" she has but carrying on enough to let me know she would like some attention. Then its time for supper. Leftovers tonight. Yum! Have a great evening everyone. If its raining where you are, find something fun and colorful to work on inside and it could cheer you right up. Or you could go plant flowers in the rain. Thats always fun too.

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