Friday, May 30, 2008

Routines in Miniature

I love flylady. I just adore her. Everyone can find something useful on her website. We all need all the help we can get when it comes to cleaning our houses, cooking for our families (or ourselves) and raising children. I think my absolute favorite saying of hers is..."baby steps, baby steps, baby steps". Either that or, "You can do anything for 15 minutes." Both of those can really change your life if you obey them.

Thats where I have a little trouble. I am the sort of person who jumps in with both feet and my head all at the same time. After I had Chloe, that was the issue. I tried to jump back into my routines and keeping the house up to par and cooking all the meals and all that jazz when Chloe was only a week old. I just couldn't do it.

I finally realized last week that my problem was I wasn't taking baby steps. I thought that because I had done everything before and had my routines all established that I could just jump right back into them after my baby-break. Well, that just didn't happen. I learned that I should have taken it with baby steps again.

Well, things have been going pretty smoothly for the past few weeks since I re-instigated the routines back into my life. The kitchen sink has been shiny for the last 2-3 weeks. I wash my face every night. I have made James a lunch every night before bed. (something I've been slacking on the past few years) I have been reading my Bible every morning, showering AND putting on my makeup and swiping my bathroom. These things are all part of my morning and evening routines. Simple and quick but they make the biggest difference in our home. Things really do run more smoothly with evening and morning routines. (and just taking it slow and doing ONLY these routines for the past few weeks has really helped me too. I am no longer overwhelmed)

Hey. If its good enough for me then its good enough for Chloe, right?

I browsed through some of Flylady's website this morning and I ran across this...Flying with Pre-Schoolers. Whoda thunk, huh? So...I decided its about time Chloe had a routine. If people can have routines with their 2 year olds, then Chloe is definately ready for a routine. we DO have a routine but its something I tell her every night. I thought it might be wise to teach her to do it herself. Make her own little "management binder" of sorts. Not really a binder..but...well...just check out what we did today.

I gathered some, construction paper, markers, scissors and glue.


I picked 4 things that we do everynight to begin Chloe's evening routine poster. The key to this project is to keep it simple. Baby steps, right? (nod your head, all you flybabies out there. You know what I'm talking about) Picking up her toys, bathtime, brushing her teeth and reading a book. I found images on the internet (some of them are online coloring pages you can print out to color) and printed them out for Chloe to color. Using my word processor, I typed up the titles to cut out and paste on the poster. (which is two pieces of black construction paper taped together)

I glued the pieces to the poster in order of how Chloe is to complete them each night and let her color away. (she did really well at first and then petered out after the first picture)

Here is her management poster on the door to her bedroom and ready for evening to come.


So that is her bedtime routine. Its short and simple. The pictures will tell her what she is supposed to do every night and I can't wait to try it. I will set the timer after supper to go off when its time for her to begin her routine. I wonder how long it will take for her to grasp this whole concept? She already loves her poster and can tell me what each picture means so I am hoping this means she will also love DOING the things on the poster.

I just wanted to share this idea with you all. I loved reading about it on the FLying with Pre-Schoolers page at Flylady. She has a bunch of others Flying with Homeschoolers, Flying with teenagers, Flying Pregnant. Go check them out.


Lady_MSnow said...

This is interesting because I purchased things yesterday to help the children get in a routine also. :D

Kisha said...

I love the FlyLady, she has so many great things.