Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Slow Day, Project-wise

I tried. I really did. But due to our episode with the driver's license procurement yesterday, I ended up spending the day playing catch-up today. This means that two days worth of chores rolled all into one day. Not fun. Not fun at all. I still have things left undone and that drives me bonkers. I am done for the day though. At 10 minutes to 8 I just have to sit down with the hubby and relax. NO MORE CHORES TODAY!!! The good news is this means a Yankee game and some crocheting. I hope to at least get half of this hat done. (my newest design)

So, not much else to talk about. Just stopping in to say HI to all my bloggy friends. I also wanted to let you know that I got around to adding that teal dress to the website today and listed on Etsy as well. We'll see how it does.

Now I had better get going before hubby thinks I went to bed or something. Have a fun evening everyone.

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