Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Benefits of Illiteracy

One of the best things about visiting family NOT during the holiday season (Christmas) is that we get to visit during OTHER special occasions. I was pleasantly surprised last week while at my sister's house when she announced that "tomorrow is boy's birthday". ("boy" being my nephew) I knew that boy and girl 2 (the second niece) celebrated their birthdays the weekend before I got there, but I did not realize that boy's birthday had not passed.

Of course, boy needed a cake, right? On his actual birthday. So, my sister and I ventured out to Costco (my first time setting foot in this food wonderland) and bought the biggest cake I have ever laid eyes on. (not really...I've seen wedding cakes larger, but for a four year olds birthday, this was pretty substantial)

We had our orders from "The Dad". Sheet cake. Chocolate. That was it. It mattered not what was on the top of the cake, only what the cake was made of. So, we found the only chocolate cake in the store. Here is what it said...


I guess this works when your children are too young to read. I had to laugh. My anal retentive nature says it "MUST Say Happy Birthday" but it was either this or one with pink roses covering the top. I simply could not allow my sister to buy a cake for boy with pink roses covering it. I assumed his military father would die of a conniption fit and so I helped her pick the "flag" cake.

We did good. Boy loved his "flag" cake and was not the wiser.


I loved being able to share this fun with my family. It was my first time ever being there for one of their birthdays. (and that cake was good, even if it wasn't a birthday cake)

I leave you with a picture of my niece because she is just such a cutie and I love her to death.


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