Thursday, August 07, 2008


James rang me up yesterday and at some point in the conversation I announced that my brother drove his bulldozer over to my parent’s house to begin an excavation job for my father’s new garage. If anyone reading this knows my husband then you can imagine the sort of things that came out of his mouth. Yup! Silly Questions. I will transcribe our conversation here for you. It went something like this...

ANNA: “David drove his bulldozer over this morning all the way from his house. It took him 45 minutes to make the 15 minute drive.”
JAMES: “Oh Really? Why did he drive that over?”
ANNA: “To help Daddy dig out the bank of dirt where he wants his new garage.”
JAMES: “How did David get it up that driveway?”
(Daddy’s driveway is VERY steep)
ANNA: “He drove it up.”
JAMES: (in disbelief) “Nah!" (pause) "How did he get it up your DAD’S driveway?”
ANNA: “He drove it up! This thing is huge. It drove right on up the driveway and even up that embankment next to the garage a couple of times.”
JAMES: “Just to dig a little bit of dirt out?”
ANNA: “Do you remember that huge embankment of dirt next to the garage? It’s a mountain, James. The house is sitting next to the mountain. They needed the bulldozer.”
JAMES: “Why couldn’t they just get out a couple of shovels and dig the dirt out that way?”
ANNA: “I don’t think you realize the size of this bulldozer, James. Its not a little lawnmower tractor. Daddy is building a 3 car garage where the mountain used to be.”
JAMES: “Does David have a license to drive this thing?”

That is where the conversation ended. I decided at that point that I needed to take pictures of this project to show James the magnitude of the endeavor. So, now I present to you...David’s bulldozer.



David is changing out the bucket of the bulldozer for the forks. The forks are what he uses to lift up all the roots from the tree stumps. It was so fascinating to watch David use this machine. He is so skilled at it, driving it this way and that, lifting up the bucket, setting it down in the precise location he wanted it to pull the dirt down the bank, then lifting up the bucket filled with dirt. Here is where the mountain was...


...and here is where it ended up.



Look at that picture that shows where the mountain was. Can you see the current carport? A few days ago, the embankment came out past the post of the carport. When the car was parked in the carport, you could barely open the car door wide enough to get into the car. The car would need backed out into the driveway. Now all that dirt is gone.

So, there you have it James. Its a big project, too big for shovels! And I've just been informed that the proper name for the thing is not a bulldozer but a big forklift. Hmmm...biggest forklift I've ever seen. Have a wonderful dirt-digging kind of day! (and yes...go dig in the dirt. Its fun!!!

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Kisha said...

Gotta love the questions they ask that are so obvious.