Friday, August 29, 2008

A Little Bit of Help

I did it. I bought something for myself. I broke down and drove across town to an unfamiliar locale (only with my trusty GPS, of course) and found myself a Barnes and Noble (because I refuse to drive to the one downtown without James) at which I purchased some pretty cool books. What did I buy? Thought you'd never ask. I am proud to show you the newest additions to my library.


Once I delve into the depths of this book I will let you know of the pleasures I find within. But for now, let me tell you I think this book is a MUST HAVE on every crocheters shelf. Yes, I really do. Just flipping through the pages I KNOW I will find help in desiging patterns that fit. (did you not read the title? That alone let's you know it will help in that regard) I can hardly wait to get started.

The next book to land into my bookshelf was this beauty...


Doesn't look as fun, does it? Not really for those who simply crochet. But for me, this will be a gem (I hope). Inside are various articles of clothing and descriptions for the different styles in the fashion world. It shows the difference between burmuda shorts, culottes or capris, among the many. Did you know there were so many different lengths for pants? I saw about 8 in this book.

So, I plan to buy more in the future, but this is enough to get me started. I already spy a dress or two in that Lily Chin book I would love to try. Well, now I must be off to the local veggie stand to buy some fresh veggies. Have a lovelyiscious sort of day.


DixieRedHead said...

You've received an award at my blog. I really enjoy reading your blog!

Jen_Lye said...

I am glad to hear you purchased the book... you will not be dissappointed! My fav outfits are the green tunic and skirt and the Molly Ringwald Dress :) Enjoy!!!