Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little Trip and BIG Scare

My dear friend Melanie invited Chloe and I out to Ohio for a visit while James is gone. We took her up on that offer and boy what an adventure we had last week. Can you believe I drove most of the day on Sunday (all by myself, I might add) all the way to Ohio? I have never been to that state before so I was pretty excited to be going. I now have two more states to cross off my "to visit" list. (which includes all the states I have not been to yet in my lifetime) Anyways, the drive alone almost prevented me from going, because if you don't already know this little fact about me let me tell you... I HATE driving. Yes. Even down the street to pick up a gallon of milk. I will do anything to get out of driving.

But we made it. I was fine. A little shaken up and in need of a cup of tea...or actually coffee, but I survived. Until Sunday night, that is. That is where the BIG scare began.

We put the children to bed. Chloe and I slept in Sweet E's bedroom with her. I had taken my air mattress along and we blew it up in Sweet E's room. We allowed the girls to sleep on it since it appeared such a novelty to them. Well, while playing scrabble and drinking coffee with whipped cream in it with Melanie and her hubby, we heard a loud "THUD" directly above our heads and immediately afterwards some crying. "Mine", I stated and headed up the stairs, followed by Melanie and Brian. Yup. It was mine all right. She had fallen off the mattress onto the floor. I consoled her and sent her back to bed. This was 9:00 at night.

Later I went to bed (after I won at Scrabble) and fell asleep. I awoke at about 5:45 am to what I thought was Chloe choking. I took her Nuk out of her mouth and proceeded to sit her up so she wouldn't choke on her saliva. Well, when I sat her up I noticed her body was rigid and shaking very badly. I could barely see her since it was dark out and I started panicking. She was not okay and this was not choking. I laid her back down and went to wake up Melanie. They came a few seconds later. I turned on the light and saw that Chloe had stopped shaking but was blue around the mouth and VERY lethargic. Try as I might, I could hardly keep her from falling back asleep. I was sure I was losing her. At about that moment a cop was coming up the stairs. Melanie's husband had called 911 before my brain had even began to function and they arrived before I even thought to call. (Thank you Brian!!!) They rushed us in an ambulance to the local hospital where they strapped Chloe to a board with a neck brace as well. The poor dear couldn't move. They did cat scans on her head since she had taken a fall the night before. We notified the Red Cross to get a hold of James and then they shipped us off to a children's hospital in Colombus.

We were told that Chloe had a seizure. What a relief! The cat scans came back showing absolutely NOTHING wrong with her little head. They decided that the head trauma and the seizure were not related. Our pediatrician told us yesterday that everyone is entitled to one seizure in their lifetime. She also told me that her mentor had told her that one seizure in your lifetime is actually good for the brain. Hmmm...guess that's my problem...never had a seizure so my brain is subpar. Anyways, they released us from the hospital about noon and we headed back to Melanie's house. Chloe was perfectly normal by that time and you would have never known we had such a scare that morning.

I remember singing "Jesus Loves Me" to Chloe while she was crying during the cat scan. I held her little hand and tried my best to comfort her. I was, of course, scared out of my whits and was trying my best to keep my composure for my dear little girl. When I sang that song, it hit me. Jesus loves ME! He really does. And nothing that can happen to me will ever take that love away. I am okay. I am okay! I was reminded of the song "It is Well With My Soul." It truly is. A peace like I have never known flooded my heart and I knew we would be okay. I knew that Chloe was God's little girl, given to me for a time. I don't know how long that time is but for however long it is, I will do my very best to make sure I am the Mama that God wants me to be to raise Chloe up into a woman of God.

Here is a picture of Chloe at the children's hospital after they had taken her neck brace off and let her have something to eat and watch the Disney Channel.


So, I was going to tell you about our adventures at Melanies but I think I will wait til tomorrow in a new post. I am off now to iron clothes, clean a closet and hug my darling little girl. (she seems to be getting alot of extra hugs lately)


Lady_MSnow said...

I think that is the scariest thing I have had to deal with in my lifetime. I Praise the Lord that she is okay. And now...I know why I am not that smart...I never had a seizure either. ;o)

Tanya M said...

Anna - I'm a subscriber to your blog (love reading about your adventures!), but I don't often comment. Today, I had to.

Thank you for sharing the big scare with us. I agree - what a huge scare that must have been. I know how much you love and adore your little girl and how scary that moment must have been.

I'm so glad you know that God was with Chloe and you the entire time and was surrounding you with His love and His presence. Hold onto that no matter what! I will say a prayer of thanks that Chloe is okay.

And I definitely "love" on my girls a ton extra after they've had a hard day, too!


busyHSmom said...

How terrifying that must have been!!

Crochetingangel said...

You and Chloe have been in my prayers, how scary I'm sure this was for you. I have never heard of what your ped. told you, that's interesting, maybe that's what my prob is, never had one either. I am so glad to hear that she is doing well.

DixieRedHead said...

I'm very glad that Chloe is ok. I can imagine how scary that ordeal was. God bless u all!

Brandie said...

Glad it turned out alright in the end. I think it would have freaked me out to the point I wouldn't have accepted it's okay to have one seizure and demanded to see a specialist ASAP! LOL

Ashlie said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear that sweet Chloe had to go through such a rough time! But, praise God for bringing the both of you through the experience unscathed!! I'm so glad she's doing fine now!